Taganskaya gang member arrested in absentia and declared wanted

Taganskaya gang member arrested in absentia and declared wanted
Grigory Rabinovitch, Igor Zhirnokleev, Vladimir Grekov

Earlier, leader of the Taganskaya gang Zhirnokleyev and his deputy Rabinovitch were detained in the case of the murder committed 11 years ago.

The Moscow’s Basmanny District Court arrested Vladimir Grekov, the former member of the Board of Directors of Moscow Department Store OJSC, in absentia; law enforcement agencies consider him to be one of the prominent members of the Taganskaya criminal gang.

In late January, the same court arrested the leaders of the Taganskaya organized the criminal group, Igor Zhirnokleev (Zhirny) and Grigory Rabinovitch (Grisha Tagansky). They were charged with holding the murder of Valery Zhuravlev, the general director of the Rospischeprom company in 2008.

Also, the FSB investigation suspects them of complicity in at least 15 murders. Evidence of the involvement of Zhirny and Grisha Tagansky, including the testimony of the detainees of organized crime groups and wiretapping materials, were transferred to the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Russian Federation after the Dirieba special operation in 2016.

According to Kommersant, at the meeting on the absentee arrest of Grekov, it turned out that last fall he was repeatedly summoned to the ICR to testify in the case of Zhirnokleev and Rabinovitch. However, in December 2018, he disappeared in an unknown direction.

On December 18, 2018, the ICR charged Grekov following part 2 of Art. 105 and part 4 of Art. 159 (Murder committed by a group of persons and especially large-scale Swindling) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. On February 11, he was put on the international wanted list, after which the head of the investigation team appealed to the Basmanny Court for the arrest of the fugitive.

In addition to the arguments of the investigation that the arrest is necessary so that after the extradition of Grekov to Russia he could not hide, an additional argument was that, while at liberty, the mob could put pressure on witnesses and other accomplices or destroy evidence. Moreover, Grekov is accused of serious crimes. The prosecutor supported the opinion of the investigator, and the assignment attorney stated that he opposed it.

According to the publication, Grekov is the person involved in the same case in which Zhirnokleev and Rabinovitch are passing. The murder of Zhuravlev, according to the investigators, was the result of a raider seizure of a building in Tverskoy-Yamskoy lane. An entrepreneur from Tula, Irina Orlova, and an Inkom company realtor, Salima Gugkaeva, also participated in this scam. The first produced false documents were allegedly indicating a purchase and sale transaction for the building of Rospisheprom with an area of 6 thousand square meters. Then, with the help of Gugkaeva, the building was resold several times, and its ultimate beneficiary was the offshore company Bonus Business Ltd. In November 2009, the Simonovsky Court of Moscow found Irina Orlova and Salima Gugkaeva guilty of “illegally acquiring property rights” on the Rospisheprom building and sentenced them to five and six years of imprisonment, respectively.

In the light of this, Zhirnokleev, Rabinovitch, and Grekov are now being tested for involvement in other killings and raider attacks, including Moscow Department Store OJSC on Leninsky Prospekt, which included all three defendants on the board of directors.

Besides, it is known that the leader of the Taganskaya turns in the thievish circles. In particular, he maintains business contacts with thieves in law Taro, Merab Sukhumsky and his brother Levan, Dzhemo, and many other mobs, as well as leaders of other criminal groups.



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