Taganskaya gang killer got 19 years for slaying lawyer

Taganskaya gang killer got 19 years for slaying lawyer
Marat Yanbukhtin

Marat Yanbukhtin was found guilty of the murder of Natalya Vavilina.

Moscow City Court has passed a sentence on a killer of Taganskaya criminal gang, Marat Yanbukhtin, finding him guilty of the murder of lawyer Natalya Vavilina. He will spend 19 years in a high-security colony, Novaya Gazeta reports.

Yanbukhtin himself pleaded not guilty. Lawyers have already stated that they intend to appeal the court decision.

As the investigation established, in April 2017, Yanbukhtin shot Vavilina at the entrance of her house on Altufevskoye Highway. The woman worked for lessees who had a conflict with Zodchiy-98, one of the founders of which was Yanbukhtin.

The publication notes that for now law enforcement authorities will put sending the killer to a colony on hold - the Investigative Committee works on several more cases in which Yanbukhtin is named.

Earlier, the leaders of Taganskaya gang, Igor Zhirnokleyev and Grigory Rabinovich, were detained and arrested in Moscow. They are charged with numerous grave crimes.



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