Suspect in Mikhail Krug murder strangled two cellmates

Suspect in Mikhail Krug murder strangled two cellmates
Alexander Ageev

The crime has been solved, investigators said, the defendants have been brought from the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District.

Suspects of involvement in the murder of singer Mikhail Krug have been brought to Tver from the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District; they are members of the Tverskiye Volki (Tver Wolves) organized crime group, Alexander Ageev and Alexander Osipov, who were serving sentences in the Polar Owl prison. It was difficult to have the suspects transported because Ageev committed a crime while in custody strangling his two cellmates, says Moskovsky Komsomolets with reference to a source in the investigation team.

“Ageev committed the murder of his two cellmates. He’s like a killing machine, a musclehead, he strangled them, and that’s all. That slowed down the process, otherwise we’d have completed the final experiments a month earlier,” the source said.

Ageev admitted that he had been in Krug’s house at the time of the murder, but it was his accomplice that shot at the singer, another Tver Wolf named Dmitry Veselov. Osipov pointed at the spot where he killed Veselov, as if avenging Krug. The singer was not supposed to be killed, they claim; they only wanted him to pay a percentage of his income to the “wolves”.

Investigators scheduled to verify Osipov’s testimony for August 8. The investigation team and Osipov, sentenced to life imprisonment, will go to the spot where Veselov was murdered and try to find the murder weapon, a pistol. For security reasons, they will put up special forces snipers.

Mikhail Krug was killed on the night of July 1, 2002 at his Tver house. His wife Irina miraculously survived and later identified Ageev as one of her husband’s killers. On August 6, investigators brought Ageev to the crime scene and conducted an experiment.



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