Supreme Court upholds sentence to Stroymaterialovskiye gang

Supreme Court upholds sentence to Stroymaterialovskiye gang

Earlier, the Tatarstan court sentenced one of the Republic’s most violent organized crime groups of the past decade to varying terms, from 9 to 20 years of strict regime.

The Supreme Court Judicial Board on criminal cases has considered the appeals against the sentence delivered to the eight men from Kazan.

Earlier, Ilnar Kadymov, Damir Gabdrakhmanov, Dmitry Gogol, Maksim Savosin, Rinat Usmanov, Sergey Borovkov and Artem Surkov (all aged between 30 and 32) as well as Mikhail Kozlov, 38, each of whom, according to the case file, was part of the organized criminal group, have been sentenced to varying terms, from 9 to 20 years of strict regime on charges of murder and arms trafficking.

As the Tatarstan Prosecutor's Office told Kommersant, the convicted attempted to appeal the verdict, however, the Russian Supreme Court considered the prosecutor's decision quite fair and left the sentences unchanged.

According to the case file, all the defendants are members of a big gang named ‘Stroymaterialovskiye’ (which can be translated as Construction Materials’ [men]) from the village of Derbyshki in Kazan. Despite the fact that the gang had a legitimate business in construction materials trade, Stroymaterialovskiye were engaged in extortion, notably from owner-drivers. The gang would eliminate anyone who tried to get on its way. 

Among the many victims was a person, who was killed by mistake, taken for the rival - a lawyer of the Tatarstan Tax Service, the son of Povolzhsky arbitration court First Deputy Chairman. Stroymaterialovskiye operated for about 15 years, until the gang was eliminated by the law enforcement agencies.



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