Supreme Court of Dagestan finds arrest of former Makhachkala MIA Department head Ashikov legal

Supreme Court of Dagestan finds arrest of former Makhachkala MIA Department head Ashikov legal

According to the defendant’s lawyer, the prosecution is based on a witness testimony given under torture.

Supreme Court of Dagestan left the former police chief of the MIA Department in Makhachkala, Raip Ashikov, under arrest, the court’s press service reports. Earlier, Makhachkala’s District Court placed the ex-policeman accused of financing terrorism into custody until May 31.

“The ruling is based on objective data contained in the submitted materials and was passed in compliance with the norms of criminal procedure legislation,” said the court.

Ashikov’s lawyer Sapiyat Magomedova argues that the defendant’s case is based on a testimony of Omar Abdurashidov, who refused his words and said that he had testified under torture. According to Abdurashidov, he was kidnapped for two days and coerced to testimony against the Ashikov brothers – Raip and Ziyavudin.

According to the defendant, he and his wife rested in Antalya on the day when he handed over, as the the investigators claim, money to the terrorists. Ashikov considers his criminal case to be a consequence of deteriorated relations with the head of the Pension Fund of Dagestan, Sagid Murtazaliyev. After the conflict with him started, there were a few attempts to bring Ashikov to criminal responsibility.

“As a result of one explosion, I received a blast injury, six months later I was wounded in a clash with militants. In 2005, when I was leaving my house, they blew me up. In 2008, there was another attempt on my life: my guard was killed, my cousin and driver were injured. Under these conditions, I can’t be financing militants,” the publication Chernovik qoutes Ashikov. 

It is to be recalled that, according to the investigators, in early December 2018, Ashikov handed over 160,000 rubles ($ 2,500) to Omar Abdurashidov, the head of the department for delivering pensions in the Tarumovsky District of Dagestan, “realizing that the money will go to militants to buy weapons, ammunition and other needs.” In mid-April, the defendant’s brother, the head of the Caspian Police Department, Ziyavudin Ashikov, was suspected of complicity in financing terrorism.



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