Stavropol Territory security forces liquidate two terrorists

Stavropol Territory security forces liquidate two terrorists

According to the intelligence services, the deceased were supporters of the ISIS banned in the Russian Federation.

In the Shpakovsky district of the Stavropol Territory, law enforcement officers eliminated two supporters of the ISIS international terrorist organization, who arrived in the region from Volgograd to commit the attack, according to the National Antiterrorism Committee. The bandits found weapons, ammunition, and a grenade.

On the night of March 13-14, FSB officers received information about the possible appearance of armed bandits in a car near the hamlet of Balki. The operatives wanted to stop the suspicious vehicle, but they opened fire from the cabin, then threw a grenade into the security officers and tried to escape. During the shootout, the bandits were killed, their identities established. There are no injured among law enforcement officers and victims among the civilian population.

The Samara region FSB officers exchanged fire with another ISIS supporter. He also refused to surrender his weapon, threw a grenade at the security forces and opened fire. He was arrested in one of the houses in the village of Yekaterinovka, Bezenchuksky District. According to the NAC, he was going to commit a terrorist attack in place of people's mass stay.



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