State prosecution reported on threats to witnesses in case of Armen Kanevsky's OCG

State prosecution reported on threats to witnesses in case of Armen Kanevsky's OCG
Monument on graveyard of Armen Kanevsky

The Prosecutor's Office believes that despite the death of the criminal community leader, members of the gang continue to constitute “an increased danger”.

Several witnesses, who are giving testimonies against members of organized criminal grouping (OCG) created by ‘code-bound criminal’ Armen Arutunyan (Armen Kanevsky), are being threatened. It was declared by state prosecutors Svetlana Nekoz on Thursday, April 13, at a meeting of the Krasnodar Regional Court.

According to her, one of the witnesses were beaten by unknown persons, now law enforcement authorities carry out an inspection on this matter. Nekoz emphasized that in spite of the fact that Armen Kanevsky has died, the criminal community created by him continues to function and “to constitute the increased danger owing to long-term criminal experience and extensive corruption communications”.

One of the witnesses was interrogated in court within the meeting. He declared that he was an authorized representative of many thieves in law and emphasized that Armen Kanevsky’s grouping occupied one of the leading positions in criminal hierarchy of Russia.

“Artyom connected me with Armen Kanevsky in 2003, his sobriquet – Balamut [Troublemaker]. We got acquainted, communicated, then maintained normal relations. Armen's people always had automatic machines, guns - normal things of criminal people”, Interfax quotes the witness.

In his turn, Nekoz added that Armen Kanevsky’s grouping, according to testimonies of the witness, distinguished by special cruelty even by the standards of underworld. “It is known that Aslan Usoyan (Ded Hasan - an editor's note) was afraid of Armen Kanevsky. Many characterized him as an ‘extremist’”, the state prosecutor emphasized.

To recall, the Krasnodar Regional Court is considering the case against alleged participants of Armen Kanevsky’s OCG - 48-year-old Oleg Vanchenko, 45-year-old Ernest Lalabekov, 54-year-old Manuk Torosyan and 55-year-old Aleksander Zhigalko.

According to the investigators, all four are involved in murder of Kuban businessman Suren Egiazarov and two of his acquaintances accompanying the businessman to a meeting with Armen Kanevsky in January, 2007. As law enforcement authorities assume, in October, 2006 the ‘code-bound criminal’ offered Egiazarov, the co-owner of the cognac plant CJSC Novokubanskoye, protection for $30 thousand a month. At the beginning the businessman agreed, however after carrying out the first payment he decided to refuse. After what he was killed in Uyut cafe of the farm of Trudobelikovsky of Krasnoarmeisky district of Kuban.

‘Legalist’ Armen Kanevsky was condemned on this case in 2010, however in December of the same year he died in a hospital of the Astrakhan Region because of Diabetum.



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