Staff assassin of Taganskaya OCG arrested over murder of lawyer

Staff assassin of Taganskaya OCG arrested over murder of lawyer
Natalya Vavilina

The Presnensky Court of Moscow has put Marat Yanbukhtin into custody until July 26.⁠

At the investigation's request, the Presnensky Court of Moscow has arrested Marat Yanbukhtin, suspected of murdering Chairwoman of Delfi Moscow bar association Natalya Vavilina, until July 26. “The court decided to satisfy the investigation’s petition and elect a preventive measure for a period up to July 26 in respect of Yanbukhtin,” TASS cites the decision of Judge Tatyana Vasyuchenko.

As previously reported by the CrimeRussia citing sources in the law enforcement bodies, for many years Yanbukhtin has been the staff assassin of one of the largest Russian OCGs, the Taganskaya gang.

The crime was committed on April 26. Yanbukhtin shot a woman twice outside of her house on Altufevskoe highway. 40-year-old Natalya Vavilina died on the spot from her injuries, and the killer fled the scene. The murderer was identified with the help of CCTV cameras. At the same time, according to the testimony of the house dwellers, the cameras inside the entrance were damaged a few days before the murder; probably, it had been done by the assassin.

The investigation has yet to identify the person who ordered the hit on the lawyer, who used to handle ‘non-dangerous’ cases, according to her colleagues. However, the choice of the perpetrator appears obvious. It is known that the Taganskaya group specializes in racketeering, illegal seizures, and murders, whereas Yanbukhtin was one of its staff assassins. According to the CrimeRussia, it was Yanbukhtin who took out thief in law Andrey Golubev nicknamed Skif. The business partner of Ded Khasan Skif was murdered in May 2009.

It is known that Natalya Vavilina was handling cases of property disputes, which her colleagues dubbed ‘non-dangerous’. Vavilina’s friend Aleksey Rogachev told that last year the lawyer represented the interests of the owners, whose outlets were demolished. However, Rogachev could not provide the specific names of the trustees.



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