St. Petersburg house residents told about Arashukov's apartment

St. Petersburg house residents told about Arashukov's apartment
Apartment interior

According to neighbors, the apartment has recently been let out on lease.

Details about an elite apartment of the arrested Senator Rauf Arashukov have become known. A RIA Novosti's correspondent spoke to residents of the residential complex Novaya Zvezda in Pesochnaya Street and found out that the politician’s apartments had really been put up for sale.

Earlier, an advertisement on sale of an apartment of 260 square meters for 99 million rubles ($1.4 m) appeared on the website of the elite real estate agency Engel & Völkers. The interiors of the lot completely coincide with the apartment which was searched - the Investigation Committee published a video of the Senator's apartments.

A neighbor of the Arashukovs said that the apartment has recently been let out on lease. She also reported that she was present during the searches.

“I think this also happens in other houses (searches. - Ed.). Ordinary people live and do not suffer from residents. Everything is fine, well, two people were taken. But the house is of wealthy people. First, they do not live here, they rent accommodation. They rent, they are not owners. Just rented for a while and that is it. So this is not their apartment, they are temporary,” she added.

A man living in the residential complex told the correspondent that he was aware of Arashukov's case. “We know. The most important person. I know with whom they coincide (apartment interiors. - Ed.),” he noted.

According to him, 99 million rubles ($1.4 m) for an apartment of 260 squares is an extremely little sum for such a house. “I can only tell you that our house is called a Lefortovo branch,” the man added.

As previously written by The CrimeRussia, the urgent sale of the apartment by the Arashukovs is probably due to the family’s fears about the seizure of the politician's property. It is possible that Arashukov’s property may be confiscated for paying compensation to Gazprom - according to the investigators, the Senator’s father created a criminal community to steal natural gas.



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