St. Petersburg court sentenced members of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles gang 

St. Petersburg court sentenced members of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles gang
Members of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles gang in the court room

St. Petersburg City Court sentenced four members of the Jacob Subbota (Saturday) gang - Maksim Kaparov, Ruslan Melnik, Igor Naumetov and Artyom Melnik. The gang specialized in robbing pawnshops, banks and jewelry stores. According to investigators, in 2012 the value of funds stolen by the gang amounted to 65 million rubles.

Investigators and the court have established that the gang was organized by Jacob Subbota and Ruslan Melnik in St. Petersburg in the spring of 2012. From April to December of 2012, members of the group robbed several businesses, including jewelry stores. They have been convicted of robbery, unlawful deprivation of liberty, and looting. Because of their method of committing crimes, the gang was called the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Besides weapons, gang members used masks, gloves and other means to make it hard to identify them. Before committing a crime, the robbers carefully studied the target and made a plan of attack. Sometimes they have resorted to kidnapping to get keys and codes, and otherwise gain access. In one jewelry store robbery, for example, a security camera shows the robbers literally coming through the ceiling onto a store employee's head. They had kidnapped the landlord of an apartment above the shop and punched through its floor. All the gang members were dressed in white suits and masks. Gang leaders equipped accomplices with firearms and ammunition. All funds obtained during the crimes were kept in the "communal area".

The court sentenced all of the gang members to terms in the prison colony. The length of a term of imprisonment depended on the role of each respective person. Ruslan Melnik was sentenced to 15 years with restricted freedom for 2 years, Maxim Kaparov, 13 years of imprisonment and restriction of freedom for 2 years, Naumetov Igor and Artem Melnik, 9 years of imprisonment with restraint of liberty for 1.5 years.

Earlier, on July 2, 2016, the court delivered its verdict against Vitali Kuligin and Alexey Bazhenov, who made a plea agreement with the investigators and gave up their cohorts. They were sentenced to imprisonment for a term of 8 years and a half and 7 years, respectively, to be served in a penal colony.  Gang leader Jakob Subbota (Grigoriev), a native of Chechnya, was detained in Moscow. A repeat offender, he is known to have stolen Stradivarius violins and hundreds of rare books from museums. The criminal case against Subbota, who has already been sentenced in Moscow for the commission of a robbery, would be continued after his transfer to St. Petersburg.

Two of the gang members, Baydyuk Dmitry and Alexey Trubnikov, have escaped and are now fugitives wanted by the law.

On the photo - the search in an apartment involved in the case of Jacob Subbota, Oleg Sokolov. March 2013:




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