Spanish special operation detains alleged wife of Georgian criminal  

Spanish special operation detains alleged wife of Georgian criminal
Kakhaber Shushanashvili

Apart from her, another 15 Georgian gangsters were rounded up.

Spanish law enforcement agencies conducted a special operation against the Georgian mafia. They detained 16 people. According to the publication El Periodico, the searches were simultaneously carried out at various addresses in Madrid and the capital of Catalonia - Barcelona. Among the detainees there also was a woman, who is considered a wife of the leader of thief in law Kakhaber Shushanashvili’s gang (Kakha Rustavsky). The brother of another famous thief, Lasha Rustavsky, is now serving a long sentence in a Spanish prison.

The detainees, according to local law enforcers, are members of the group helmed by Kakha Rustavsky, which was engaged in money laundering in Eastern Europe.

The National Police and the Regional Police Corps of Catalonia (Mossos) began an investigation into its activities after the murder of Gela Garishvili in 2016. This representative of the Georgian mafia was detained in 2010, but was later released on the eve of the trial.


One of the detainees

As the Spanish media reported, since then 85 people have been arrested during the operation, due to which the activity of the group was suspended. In addition, property worth 24 million euros, including a shopping center, a hotel, thirty houses, garages and commercial premises, most of which are in the cities of Catalonia, were seized.

In March last year, the National Judicial Board of Spain sentenced Kakha Rustavsky to 20 years and 11 months in prison and ordered to pay a fine of 327 thousand euros. The remaining 12 persons involved in the criminal community of the mafia boss received terms from one and a half to seven years.


In addition to money laundering, the court found that Kakha had participated in the conspiracy to commit the murder of thief in law Vladimir Dzanashiya, nicknamed Lado. Lado was shot in March 2010 in Marseilles. Kakha Rustavsky was also charged with illegal possession of firearms, forgery of bank cards and repeated attempts of fraud.

Earlier, in the middle of the month in neighboring France also during the raid against the Russian mafia, five thieves in law were arrested: 44-year-old Ilya Kheladze, known in the criminal world as Zhulverovich, or Ilo Lanchkhutsky, who spent seven years in the Georgian prison in Saakashvili's times, Revi Darakhvelidze, Georgy Poladishvili (Sinkar), Nodar Gamisoniya (Nodar Sukhumsky), and Nikoloz Nodiya, nicknamed Nika Tbilissky. A total of 35 people were detained, suspected of organizing and conducting apartment burglaries, street robberies, smuggling and extortion. During the operation, the police seized weapons and 70 thousand euros in cash. In addition, 200 thousand euros were seized on their accounts.



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