Spanish Civil Guard has denied accusations of Torshin

Spanish Civil Guard has denied accusations of Torshin

The source of RIA Novosti in the Spanish Civil Guard denied the allegations against the Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank.⁠

The Spanish Civil Guard has never pressed charges against the former Senator Aleksandr Torshin, accusing him of having links with the Russian mafia and Tambovskaya criminal group, said the source of the edition RIA Novosti. According to him, all posts on this topic are only conjectures of the Bloomberg newspaper.

However, the source added that Torshin was really been going to interrogate in Spain because of his familiarity with the Romanov, given the fact that the former Senator is the godfather of the son of a businessman. In addition, law enforcement agencies knew that the banker repeatedly spoke with the thief in law on the phone, but nothing like the money-laundering instructions, how wrote Bloomberg, they did not hear.

A member of the Civil Guard has expressed bewilderment why this story has caused such a resonance right now, although on conversations and emails of Torshin were known in 2014. According to the American edition, in these e-mails it was allegedly dealt with the patronage of criminals, who have committed raider seizure of store Moskva.

The source of RIA Novosti reported that the decision to question the banker had to be taken by the General Prosecutor of Spain, however, this decision was not taken.

Recall that the Deputy Chairman himself did not deny the acquaintance with Romanov, confirming that it began in the early 90s during his work in the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. The former Senator, commenting on the Bloomberg's article called accusations of having links with Tambovskie organized crime group and links with the Russian mafia in Spain an utter nonsense. 



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