Spain reveals details of Russian Mafia detention

Spain reveals details of Russian Mafia detention
Alexander Grinberg

Yesterday, 11 people, including the owner of Marbella football club Alexander Grinberg, were detained in the European province. They are suspected of having ties with Russian Solntsevskaya and Izmaylovskaya organized criminal groups.

On Tuesday, September 26, the home guards conducted the special operation 'Oligarch'. As law enforcement authorities told, its development has taken about four years. Europol took part in the operation. Suspects of communications with Solntsevskaya and Izmaylovskaya organized criminal groups, Russian citizens, were the purpose of the guardsmen.

In particular, 11 people were detained - owner of Marbella football club, Alexander Grinberg, as well as Arnold Spivakovsky (also known as Arnold Tamm), vice-president of FC Marbella, Herman Pastushenko, and owner of Agua Sierra de Mijas, Oleg Kuznetsov (together with him two heads of this company — Sergey Dozhdev and Vladimir Dzreev were detained).

According to the investigators, the Russian mobs created a scheme on money laundering through three businesses – Marbella football club, producer of bottled water Aguas Sierra de Mijas and Dama de Noche golf club (all are based in Marbella). For several years, according to the estimates of law enforcement authorities, €30 million were laundered.

It is noted that searches were carried out in offices of the companies.  Also, 23 elite cars, large sums of cash, firearms, and computers were withdrawn during the operation.

As RBC writes with reference to sources, the Federal Security Service and the Investigative Committee reported that detention of Russians in the Province of Malaga was a continuation of the operation 'Osa' (Wasp), which the Spanish police carried out in 2005.



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