Spain detains businessman with mafia ties, Kadin's crony, along with Solntsevskaya mobsters

Spain detains businessman with mafia ties, Kadin's crony, along with Solntsevskaya mobsters
Sergei Dozhdev was detained in Spain

The businessman with mafia ties well-known in Volgograd is suspected of laundering money of criminal origin that was coming from Russia.

During a Spanish operation dubbed Oligarch, a businessman with mafia ties and boxer from Volgograd was arrested. Sergei Dozhdev had had a close relationship with Vladimir Kadin, a murdered underboss. In total, 11 Russians were detained, including Alexander Grinberg, a businessman, owner of the Marbella Football Club and ex-general director of the Kosmos hotel complex and Arnold Tamm (Arnold Spivakovsky), the former chairman of the board of directors of the Intourist hotel association. The Spanish police say Tamm is one of Solntsevskaya leaders suspected of having links with the FBI-wanted Semen Mogilevich.

Sergei Dozhdev was one of the officials of Agua Sierra de Mijas, a company that the Spanish security forces consider a shell legal entity to attract Russian investments and launder criminal capital. Its owner Oleg Kuznetsov appointed Sergei Dozhdev as director and Vladimir Dzreev as manager. They all have been detained. During the operation, police seized 23 elite cars, large amounts in cash, firearms and computers.

According to Bloknot Volgograd, the name of Sergei Dozhdev is widely known in certain circles. Born in Pavlodar, Dozhdev was actively engaged in sports and then in business in Volgograd. He founded several companies, including Elit, Metallkom, Tehkas, Volgograd TVM, Al Lit Pro, etc. Volgograd law enforcers suspected him of committing some illegal actions, but it did not go beyond suspicions. Volgograd underboss Vladimir Kadin and Sergei Dozhdev together opened a plant in Spain that produced mineral water, Agua Sierra de Mijas.

The CrimeRussia is going to make an in-depth report on the Spanish special operation against the Russian mafia.



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