Spain cancelled arrest of deputy Vladislav Reznik, allegedly one of the Tambov OCG leaders

Spain cancelled arrest of deputy Vladislav Reznik, allegedly one of the Tambov OCG leaders
Vladislav Reznik

Russian politician gave testimony through video communication.

National Spanish Court cancelled arrest of the State Duma deputy from Edinaya Rossiya (United Russia) Party Vladislav Reznik and his wife Diana Gindin. Royal law enforcement authorities suspect the Russian politician in money laundering and connections with mafia. However Vladislav Reznik had recently given testimony through video communication, where he answered all the questions and told, that he was unable to come to the kingdom due to medical reasons. That made the Spanish three-judge panel take a decision to withdraw the warrant.

Reznik also has a representative in Spain. His words made the court agree with the facts, that the suspected is not hiding, but working, holding a high-ranking position and his location is known.

Meanwhile, Vladislav Reznik is still among 15 people, who Spanish authorities suspect in laundering of the Russian mafia’s money. 

In 2008 the Crown Prosecution Service detained the Tambov organized criminal grouping’s leader Gennady Petrov. At the same time it initiated a high-profile case over Russian mafia, laundering money on the Spanish territory.

In 2010 the Crown Prosecution Service released Gennady Petrov on bail, 2 years later he got temporary exit permit to Russia. He has never came back to Europe. the Crown Prosecution Service put him on the international wanted list.

According to the Spanish investigators’, Gennady Petrov was one of the Russia Bank’s stockholders. Several other high-ranking Russians are connected with the bank, among them – criminal authority Aleksander Malishev, businessman Leonid Khristoforov and Vladislav Reznik with his wife.

In March 2016, the State Duma’s deputy was put on the international wanted list. He was officially accused of being involved in Tambov OCG and money laundering. Spanish strongmen conducted several searches in the Reznik’s villa. According to the case papers, Vladislav Reznik – is one of the persons, who controlled the criminal grouping’s activities  and was on the upwind leg with Gannady Petrov.

Russian Federation defused to turn the deputy over, claiming that all accusations against hem are nothing else than provocation. 



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