Spain accuses Russian State Prize winner Viktor Kanaykin of money laundering 

Spain accuses Russian State Prize winner Viktor Kanaykin of money laundering
Viktor Kanaikin

Spanish authorities requested to Moscow to assist them in delivering Viktor Kanaykin to the court. Kanaykin is the winner of the State Prize of Russian Federation and CEO of the Spetsneftegaz non-governmental organization, Gazprom’s longtime partner.

The investigation of money laundering in Spain was started in January 2013. According to investigators, the criminal scheme was organized by a Russian businessman, the winner of the State Prize of the Russian Federation Viktor Kanaykin. Since 1992, Viktor Kanaykin headed the Spetsneftegaz NGO, Gazprom’s longtime partner, Rosbalt reported. Kanaykin has numerous awards, including the State Prize of the Russian Federation in science and technology. In 2012, he won the Russian Federation Government Prize.

According to Spanish law enforcement agencies (the investigation is led by the National Guard of Spain), Kanaykin tried to launder money obtained "for the identification and repair of cracks in the gas pipelines."

The investigation claims that Viktor Kanaykin developed criminal plans in Russia, while his alleged accomplice, a member of the Tambovskaya gang Andrey Petrov, implemented them in Spain.

The financial fraud scheme was as follows: first, the dirty money was transferred from Russia to offshore companies in the British Virgin Islands and the Seychelles, then they were transported to Spain in cash by mercenaries from Ukraine. For that purpose, the Vikser Finkas Management SL and DDC companies were established, which bought the real estate and led the construction in the city of Lloret de Mar.

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The mayor of the city, Xavier Crespo, actively assisted DDC — despite the objections of citizens, he gave permissions for the construction, provided incentives for taxes, etc. According to the National Guard, Kanayking generously paid the Spanish governor for such benevolence. The investigators claim that Kanaykin could have sent Crespo 30.000 EUR a month Crespo. However, Xavier Crespo himself denied the charges. He told reporters that this was not the money from the mafia, but generous allocations from the Russian Gazprom.

In 2015, Crespo was sentenced to a fine of 450.000 EUR, and also denied the right to hold elective and public office for a period of 9 years.

The National Guard believes that a total of 56 million EUR was laundered.

In the summer of 2016, the court began reviewing the case of Petrov and his accomplices. The materials against Viktor Kanaykin were severed in a different case.

The Spanish authorities requested from Russia to organize the compulsory delivery of Kanaykin and his two assistants – Sergey Nalimov and Andrey Zinchenko — to the court, Rosbalt reported. The investigators think that the latter is financing the crime group. The newspaper notes that it is impossible to organize the delivery to Spain, since all three suspects are Russian citizens. However, the Russian authorities will be able to interrogate the accused in the territory of the Russian Federation, should they agree to it. Viktor Kanaykin, Sergey Nalimov, and Andrei Zinchenko were called in for questioning on October 20, 2016. Failure to appear in court may put them on the wanted list.



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