Сourt arrests Acting Head of Kaspiisk police department Ashikov

Сourt arrests Acting Head of Kaspiisk police department Ashikov
Ziyavudin Ashikov

The brother of the policeman is being held in custody on charges of financing terrorism.

The Sovetsky District Court of Makhachkala arrested Colonel Ziyavudin Ashikov, the Acting Head of the Kaspiisk police department, on suspicion of attacking a policeman and complicity in financing terrorism by creating an organized criminal group until April 23, the Kavkazsky Uzel reports. Earlier, the same court arrested Raip Ashikov, the Head of the security service of the regional branch of the Russian Agricultural Bank and former Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Makhachkala, until May 31.

Brothers Ashikovs do not recognize the guilt. Raip Ashikov claims that Omar Abdurashidov, who later renounced his words, testified against him under torture. Abdurashidov’s relatives reported his abduction. In court, the kidnapped made a hysterical and shouted about his innocence. The lawyer admitted that he was ready to commit suicide, but he was afraid for relatives, as law enforcement officers could plant drugs or something illegal.



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