Son of Sverdlovsk ex-judge accused of participating in crime group can go at large

Son of Sverdlovsk ex-judge accused of participating in crime group can go at large
Members of the crime group got insurance for fictitious road accidents

The Prosecutor's Office demands the release of the detainee.⁠

The details of the case of the crime group, which committed crimes in the field of auto insurance, became known. This gang is suspected of dozens of episodes of dwindling, as well as extortion with the use of weapons. It turned out that one of the alleged members of the gang – Rinat Bikmukhametov – is the son of a former judge of the Arbitration Court of the Sverdlovsk region. It is not known whether it is coincidence or not, but it is his release that the prosecutor's office is seeking, Vecherniye Vedomosti reports.

Information about the detention of the gang appeared on August, 3. Three of the seven suspects concluded a pre-trial agreement with the investigation, as a result of which they received a preventive measure in the form of house arrest. The rest of the gang members are imprisoned.

Задержание в Цыганском поселке

Задержание в Цыганском поселке

Detention in Tsyganskoye village

The main activity of the gang was to obtain insurance for fictitious accidents. Alleged criminals bought expensive cars, paid for insurance, and then smashed them with sledgehammers to simulate an accident. In this activity they were assisted by Bikmukhametov, who worked in the Ekaterinburg office of insurance company Surgutneftegaz. According to law enforcers, the gang is involved in dozens of cases of car swindling (now the case files feature more than 50 episodes), and the damage from their activities exceeded 10 million rubles ($166.6 thousand). In addition, it became known about cases of extortion with the use of weapons by members of the organized crime group.

Задержание участников банды

Задержание участников банды

Detention of the gang members

The investigators believe previously convicted Shota Katamadze to be the leader of the criminal group. A Makarov gun with ammunition was found in his apartment. At the moment Katamadze is in custody.

Other alleged members of the gang are brothers Ruslan and Rasim Ramazanovs. The latter was an employee of an auto service in Tsyganskoye village. There law enforcement officers seized three cars.

The brothers bought cars, after which created 'signs' of a fictitious road accident with sledgehammers. Each breakdown was adjusted to the conditions of a specific incident. Then people were selected – alleged participants in the accident, who received money on insurance payments. One such person was Marsel Nurmukhametov, also a resident of Tsyganskoye village.

On behalf of Nurmukhametov and other 'victims', a power of attorney was issued to receive money in the name of Rinat Bikmukhametov. He was engaged in the distribution of funds between all members of the gang. Thanks to his work in the insurance company, Bikmukhametov had access to information about the security officers of the insurance company, who inspected the affected vehicles.

The son of the ex-judge did not admit his guilt. The prosecutor's office also does not believe in his involvement in the gang, which at first refused to support the investigative petition for imprisonment, and then, when Bikmukhametov finally ended up in jail, appealed the decision to the Sverdlovsk regional court.

Such a quivering attitude towards the suspect is surprising for the Investigative Committee. Investigators refer to the evidence base, indicating the involvement of the insurer in the group's activities, and also emphasize that Bikmukhametov has the opportunity to influence the course of the investigation and witnesses.

Perseverance of the regional Prosecutor's Office is also incomprehensible to the victims in the face of insurance companies. Representatives of the companies have already stated that if Bikmukhametov was still under house arrest, they would file complaints to all instances, including the presidential administration or the Prosecutor General's Office.



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