Verdicts changed for Solodkins from Trun gang

Verdicts changed for Solodkins from Trun gang

The duration of sentences for former officials, “Trunovskie” gang members, were changed. The court increased the penalty for Solodkin Sr by half a year. In contrast, Solodkin Jr. decreased his term by half a year and Andrey Andreev, former deputy of Narcotics in Novosibirsk Region, decreased his term by 4 years.

The verdict that was delivered by Court primarily didn’t satisfy any of the parties. In November 2015 Regional court of Novosibirsk sentenced former counselor of governor of Novosibirsk Region, Alexander Solodkin Sr. to 6 six years in prison with a fine of 1.2 mln rubles, former deputy mayor of Novosibirsk Alexander, Solodkin Jr. to 8,5 years in prison with a fine of 505 thousand rubles.

The Prosecutor’s office considered the verdict to be too soft, contrary to the defendants, who do not admit to be guilty and perceive their punishment as unfair. 

During the Supreme’s court session prosecutor insisted on giving 12 years in the maximum security correctional facility and a fine of 800 thousand rubles to Solodkin Jr., and 13 years and a fine 1,5 mln rubles – to Solodkin Sr.

The verdict of Andreev prosecutor claim to leave as it was primarily – 11 years with a fine of 805 thousand rubles.

Besides that, prosecution required to free two last individuals from penalty charges for fraud.

Significantly, that former officials have been already freed of 3 crime episodes, that took place in the end of 90’s – beginning of 00’s through the expiry of the statute of limitation. 

As a result sentences were reviewed. According to them, Solodkin Jr. is going to spend in prison not 8.5 years, but only 8. His father was not so lucky, because the court decided to increase his term of imprisonment from 6 to 6.5 years. The most loyal position the court demonstrated towards Andreev by decreasing his sentence from 11 to 7 years. 

According to investigation data, the role of Solodkins in a gang was to look for and take over peaces of economy that later provided criminal organization with financial resources.

More than that, thanks to their connections in power and security forces, thugs covered up their partners.

The Supreme Court of Russian Federation considered the claim of the defense regarding the conviction of a former deputy major of Novosibirsk, Alexander Solodkin, and a former deputy chief.

The Solodkins do not confess their guilt, calling criminal proceedings, that started back in 2010, to be politically motivated. Convicts are certain that all speculations of the investigation are based only on testimonies of gang members, who made the pre-trial agreements in order to receive insignificant or suspended sentences.



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