Solodkin Jr. disappeared from Novosibirsk pre-trial detention center

Solodkin Jr. disappeared from Novosibirsk pre-trial detention center
Photo: Vladimir Sarayev,

Alexander Solodkin Jr. convicted of involvement in the organized crime group was convoyed from the detention facility №1 in Novosibirsk to an undisclosed location.

"We have information that he was convoyed outside of the Siberian Federal District. I don’t have an official document that would explain the point of view of this situation. The person is not in the penitentiary facilities in the Novosibirsk Region, where he is exactly, I do not know", said the lawyer Nikolay Ukraintsev on Monday to

According to him, he saw Solodkin in the pre-trial detention center № 1 on Thursday. In the Novosibirsk Court on September 22 the hearing with his participation is supposed to be take place and he must be present there.

Father and son Solodkins were arrested on charges of involvement in Trunov’s organized crime group in 2010, when the elder was an advisor to the Governor, and his son was the Deputy Mayor. Father was sentenced to six years in prison and was already released (the most part of the sentence period he was in the predetention center), son - to eight years. Solodkin Jr. spent 6.5 years in the pre-trial detention center № 1.

The group has existed and been active since the late 1980s until the 2000s. On its account there are many crimes, including murder, robbery, intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm, illegal purchase, sale, transportation and carrying of firearms, ammunition, explosives and explosive devices. In 2012, the leader of the gang Alexander Trunov was sentenced to 22 years in a strict regime colony.



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