Solodkin from Trunov’s gang repays Novosibirsk million rubles

Solodkin from Trunov’s gang repays Novosibirsk million rubles
Father and son: Aleksandr Solodkin Jr. (left) and Aleksandr Solodkin Sr. (right)

Aleksandr Solodkin, the Novosibirsk former official linked with Trunov’s gang, has been convicted of embezzlement of budget funds.

The Novosibirsk Oktyabrsky District Court collected 1 million rubles as damages the region had suffered. The money was taken from Aleksandr Solodkin, the former Sport Adviser to the Novosibirsk Governor, TASS reported.

The civil suit was filed after the former official was sentenced to a 6 years' imprisonment for misappropriation of budgetary funds. The court found that in 2006, the civil servant had stolen 156 000 620 rubles, allocated for the second tour of the first summer Russian Youth Olympics. Nikolai Ukraintsev, the lawyer of the defendant, said that his client pleaded not guilty.

Besides Solodkin, the court convicted his son Aleksandr Solodkin Jr., the former deputy mayor of Novosibirsk, and Andrey Andreev, the former Deputy Chief of Federal Drug Control Service of the region. Solodkin Sr. has served most part of his time in prison and under house arrest and was released in June 2016.

According to investigators, since 1997, the Solodkins had been members of Aleksandr Trunov’s gang. The gang had operated in Novosibirsk during the 90’s, killing uncooperative businessmen. It was neutralized in 2009, and its leader Trunov was jailed for 22 years in 2012.



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