Solntsevskaya gang member Arnosha deceased

Solntsevskaya gang member Arnosha deceased
Arnold Tamm

Where and under what circumstances Arnold Tamm (Spivakovsky) died is still unknown.

The top manager of the Russian investment group AFK Sistema, former CEO of Kosmos Group of Companies and ex-chairman of the Intourist board of directors, Arnold Spivakovsky, who has been well known in the 1990s as one of the leaders of the Solntsevskaya gang Arnold Tamm (Arnosha), died. The former wife, singer Lolita, reported on his death on her Instagram page. Where and under what circumstances Arnold Tamm (Spivakovsky) died is still unknown.

Arnold Arnoldovich Spivakovsky (previously known under the last name Tamm) is a criminal authority, one of the leaders of the Solntsevskaya gang, according to the operational information of the Russian Interior Ministry in the 1990s. According to Interpol, he occupied a place in the hierarchy immediately after the Averin brothers, Sergey Mikhailov, and Semyon Mogilevich. Since the mid-90s, Spivakovsky has been a leading employee of some companies. He held the posts of Deputy General Director of the Irbis Customs Terminal, Advisor on Public Relations to Secretary of the Union State of Russia and Belarus Pavel Borodin, Deputy Director of the Beijing Hotel, Head of the Board of Directors of GK Kosmos JSC, Chairman of the Intourist Board of Directors. At the time of his detention in Spain, he was a leading officer of the Sokolsky DOK, a subdivision included in AFK Sistema of the Segezha Group timber industry holding. Arnold Spivakovsky was never tried, although he was repeatedly detained in the 90s by law enforcement officers along with other Solntsevskaya authorities. He was the main suspect in the high-profile cocaine trafficking case in Moscow’s Dolls Club, but in 2003 was acquitted by the court. In the capital's operational circles there was a version of Spivakovsky’s involvement in the murder of director of the Beijing Hotel Konstantin Georgiev (Kostya Ossetin).

On September 26, 2017, Arnold Spivakovsky and 11 other Russian citizens were detained in Spain and arrested by the court of the city of Marbella as part of the Oligarch operation. However, after about six months, all were released on bail of 750 thousand euros without the right to leave the country for the period of the investigation. Unlike the rest of those arrested, Spivakovsky lived in Russia permanently, and was on short visits in Spain. According to the investigators' version, Russian entrepreneurs were buying ruined or bankrupt businesses on the Costa del Sol for a pittance and laundered tens of millions of euros belonging to Russian organized criminal groups through bank.



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