Sochi crash video published with sudden glimpse of Sergei Tsapok deemed dead 

Sochi crash video published with sudden glimpse of Sergei Tsapok deemed dead
Sergei Tsapok? Photo: Social media

Victims in the criminal case of Kushchyovskaya gang are convinced that they saw the gang leader considered dead in the photos from the accident scene.

Video footage from the scene of a major June 4 car accident in Sochi has been made public. Earlier, residents noticed a man resembling the leader of the Kushchyovskaya organized criminal group, Sergei Tsapok, who is considered dead, can be seen in the pictures from the crash scene. The pictures were handed to the victims of the gang and their lawyers informed the regional prosecutor's office.

The CCTV shows a white BMW ramming metal fencing. The driver, Migran K., and passenger Marina B., were killed. The second passenger, Tatyana P., was injured in the terrible accident. She was diagnosed with a fracture of the clavicle, reports RenTV.

The city traffic police previously reported that the 39-year-old driver lost control of the car. According to eyewitnesses, the BMW was going at a high speed.

According to Mikhail Koshelev, the lawyer of those wronged by Kushchyovskaya, the defense wants a service check to be conducted. The documents were filed both to the prosecutor and to the head of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate of the Krasnodar Region.

Meanwhile, the regional prosecutor’s office is yet to receive confirmation about the “Tsapok resurrection”.

Tsapok’s gang was apprehended after a high-profile 2010 murder of a farmer’s family. 12 people became their victims. The leader of the gang and his accomplices were sentenced to life imprisonment. Sergei Tsapok reportedly died as a result of a stroke.



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