SOBR fighters kidnapped people for Gagiev's gang

SOBR fighters kidnapped people for Gagiev's gang
In Russia Aslan Gagiev is accused of organizing more than 60 murders

The Colonel Sankin and the Lieutenant Colonel Pronin carried out special operation in the form of MIA officers and with false identities kidnapping victims in front of witnesses. Then Gagiev's improvised killed them.

The MID ICR in the North Caucasian Federal District completed the investigation of the high-profile criminal case against former officers of a special unit Bulat Andrey Sankin and Viktor Pronin, accused of participating in the OCG of Aslan Gagiev, known by the nickname Dzhako. According to Kommersant, SOBR officers Pronin and Sankin, who were previously awarded for participation in hostilities, Gagiev used for the kidnapping of rival organized crime groups members. Then Gagiev's improvised killed them.

The investigation believes that the Colonel Sankin and the Lieutenant Colonel Pronin were directly involved in the kidnapping of six people. All of them were subsequently killed.

Materials state that Sankin and Pronin met with Gagiev in 2004 and worked as part time guards between trips to hot spots. Later, Aslan Gagiev offered Special Forces officers to participate in more serious affairs. Besides being able to use the combat skills of the officers Gagiev liked the idea of ​​covering the operation with official identifications of the SOBR officers, if, for example, during an operation the police stopped the car for inspection.

In 2006 Pronin and Sankin were taken to work for the first time - in the form of MIA officers the bandits kidnapped four people in the suburban village Bolshevo and took them to the 41-th km of highway from Moscow to Riga. Then Gagiev’s killer shot all four and his assistant Beglaryan doused corpses with gasoline and burned.

Former Special Forces officers are charged under part 2 of Art. 210 and Art. 126, Sankin is also imputed the murder of entrepreneurs Laja Avlohashvili and Dato Javakhishvili involved in the vodka business. Stolen entrepreneurs were strangled by Nikolayev and Beglaryan, who dismembered corpses and scattered body parts around the neighborhood.

On this operation Sankin came together with another member of the gang – the Colonel Yashkin, whose case is severed in a separate proceeding. While participating in the fighting in the Caucasus the Colonel Yashkin was strongly contused; as the driver he was involved in about 20 murders committed by Gagiev’s gang. According to the conclusion of the examination, now the defendant is mentally inadequate.

The case of former officers Andrey Sankin and Viktor Pronin, previously awarded by orders and medals for counter-terrorism operations, will be considered after the completion of the Yashkin’s trial.

Aslan Gagiev himself, whom the investigation suspect in the organization of more than 60 murders, is under house arrest in Austria. Russia seeks his extradition.



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