Slava Kemerovsky hid in Spain from Estonian mafia 

Slava Kemerovsky hid in Spain from Estonian mafia
Detention of Slava Kemerovsky

After the murder of Estonian criminal underworld leader Nikolay Tarankov in 2016, his companion Vyacheslav Gulevich, fearing for his life, was forced to flee Estonia.⁠

Details of the loud detention of leader of the so-called Kemerovskaya OCG Vyacheslav Gulevich, known in the criminal world as Slava Kemerovsky, in southern Spain became known.

According to the Spanish newspaper El Pais, Gulevich, whose gang was operating in Estonia since 1990, was forced to hide in Spain. Sources of the edition indicate that the 57-year-old leader of the OCG feared for his life. Companions of authority told Slava Kemerovsky that a killer from a competing Estonian gang was searching for him. El Pais writes that the leader of the Kemerovskaya gang had to hide an ax and a machete under the pillow.

Слава Кемеровский

Gulevich at the funeral of Tarankov

The hunt for Vyacheslav Gulevich began after Estonian criminal underworld leader Nikolay Tarankov was killed in September 2016. The murder of the godfather of the local mafia unleashed a war between the factions for the leading position and for the right to keep the common fund. Not surprisingly, many wanted to crack down on Gulevich, because it was Slava Kemerovsky, who was called the second figure in the Estonian criminal world.

Recall that Slava Kemerovsky was detained in Spain in the province of Malaga on August 4 at the request of the authorities of Estonia. In the Baltic country Gulevich and members of his gang are accused of organizing international drug trafficking. In the near future, the detained leader of the Kemerovskaya gang and three of its active members will be extradited to Estonia.

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According to the Estonian edition of Postimees, Vyacheslav Gulevich is a native of the Russian city of Kemerovo. From 2005 to 2010 Slava Kemerovsky was serving a sentence in Estonia for extortion. Headed by Gulevich, the Kemerovskaya grouping is one of the oldest in the Baltic region. The natives of Russian regions moved to Tallinn in the late 80's - early 90's. Here they formed criminal groups for conducting criminal business. So, in addition to the Kemerovskaya gang, Perm, Krasnodar, and others were known. However, the Kemerovskaya OCG was considered one of the most ambitious and cruel. In the 90's, the gang was engaged in extortion, protection, the organization of prostitution and drug trafficking.

There is no information about the traces of Gulevich's criminal activities committed on the territory of Russia.



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