Skeletons in the closet of bloody Ruzalik 

Skeletons in the closet of bloody Ruzalik
Ruzal Asadullin managed to evade justice for a long time after the defeat of Complex 29 criminal gang

Severity of the new charges against the criminal authority of Complex 29 means that the “possy” is likely to face life sentence.

Apparently, the criminal authority of one of the largest criminal gangs the Complex 29 is facing a life sentence. As it became known yesterday, the Prosecutor's Office of Tatarstan approved indictment in a criminal case against 47-year-old Ruzaly Asadullin, known as Ruzalik. This time, the possy is accused of committing crimes under item (n) of Art. 102 of the Criminal Code of RSFSR (Murder), item (a), (g), (h), part 2 of Art. 105 of the Criminal Code (Murder of two or more persons by a group of persons, committed out of mercenary motives by hire, or attended by robbery with violence, racketeering, or banditry).

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The mentioned crimes were organized by bloody Ruzalik in the period from 1993 to 2001. In 1993, the leader of the Complex 29 criminal group organized murder of one of the gang’s members. According to investigation, motive for the murder was personal hostility. There was another figurant, a member of the gang, in Asadullin’s case. Together they took the victim from Naberejnie Chelny town (place of the gang’s gatherings – editor’s note) to the territory of neighboring district and shot him dead. In August 1999, Asadullin together with another member of the gang planned and committed murder of representative of Yelabuga’s Aydaronovskie gang.

Bloody Ruzalik is accused of another crime, which is fundamentally different from the mentioned above. Investigators believe, that in September 2001, Asadullin found out that one of the members of the Complex 29 gang hired 2 killers from Belarus and Ukraine to kill him. In order to do that, the killers came to Moscow, where Ruzalik was at that time. He was able to avoid them, and, with the help of his assistants, eliminated the killers.

The Republican Prosecutor's Office explained that, during the investigation, Ruzal Asadullin recognized his guilt, yet this fact will not influence his future. The fact is that the leader of Complex 29 gang had been sentenced to 24 years and 6 months in prison for numerous crimes earlier. He is currently serving a sentence in a colony. Severity of the new charges means that Asadullin is likely to face life sentence. It is worth noting, that Ruzal Asadullin managed to evade justice for a long time after the defeat of Complex 29 criminal group. But he finally faced the trail. It happened on April 1, 2012 in Kiev, Ukraine. He was hiding there with false documents of Janis born in Greece, had a family and business.

Materials of the new criminal case have been sent to the Supreme Court of the Republic of Tatarstan for consideration.



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