"Sitting in the church behind the altar, you will not catch a sinner": Tikhon Apocalypse on his mission 

"Sitting in the church behind the altar, you will not catch a sinner": Tikhon Apocalypse on his mission
Tikhon Apocalypse

The alleged leader of the group calls himself a priest. Father Tikhon said that he was engaged in the search for sinners outside the church, including in betting clubs.⁠

The Sovetsky District Court of Kazan arrested four members of the gang of extortionists and its alleged leader Tikhon Apocalypse (Apokalipsis).

As The CrimeRussia has previously written, the suspects were detained on Friday, August 11. Tne bandits are charged with the kidnapping of 21-year-old resident of Kazan German Yanukov with the purpose of extortion. The criminals for several days kept the guy in a house in Dyorbyshki microdistrict. They beat Yanukov and threatened him with murder, extorting from him 950 thousand rubles ($15.8 thousand). At some point, the victim managed to convince the bandits that he would give the money within two months, and he was released. The siloviki detained the extortionists when the young entrepreneur met with his abusers to pass the first part of the required amount.

Thus, 41-year-old Tikhon Apocalypse, 65-year-old Nikolai Sabanin, 26-year-old Victor Sannikov, 25-year-old Ilfat Miftakhov and 28-year-old Roman Devtyan found themselves in court on the election of a preventive measure. The siloviki believe that the native of Tomsk, Apocalypse, is the leader of the gang. However, at trial Tikhon, previously convicted 12 times, denied his involvement in the crime in every possible way. In particular, the alleged leader of the gang stated that he was a priest of the Church Uspeniya of the Virgin (the catherdral is located in Dyorbyshki) and had a wife and six children, who live in Tomsk. It is interesting that Apocalypse was detained in a T-shirt with the inscription "I will rip your jaw out, I will take your eyeballs". Father Tikhon explained his outfit by saying that he "wanted to be edgy".

"It is just for fun. I was caught at the wrong time and the wrong place in it", the detained commented to the correspondent of BUSINESS Online.


It is interesting that his accomplice – Nikolai Sabanin confessed during interrogation that he had met acquainted Apocalypse in a betting office. To the question of how Father Tikhon manages to combine bets and service in the church, the suspect replied without any sneer that he was engaged in the analytics of these bets.

"I go not only there, I visit different places", said Apocalypse. "Sitting in the church behind the altar, you will not catch a sinner. So I have to descend to the level of the interlocutor and be with everyone and mix in this society".

At the trial it became known that the alleged leader of the extortion gang had changed his surname, name and patronym two years ago for "spiritual ones". According to the suspect, he called himself Tikhon Apocalypse to "change his life".

Father Tikhon was not able to convince the court that he "accidentally found himself in the mayhem" and was held in a pre-trial detention center for two months.

The same fate awaited his friend Nikolai Sabanin. According to the suspect himself, he is divorced, has a side job as a welder and does not work officially, and the previous conviction fell under amnesty. Unlike Apocalypse, Sabanin fully confessed to the incriminated crimes, expressing a desire to cooperate with the investigation.

"I was asked to play a theatrical role, the role of an authoritative person", Sabanin explained in court, specifying that it was Apocalypse who asked to fulfill this role.

Николай Сабанин

Nikolai Sabanin

Following Sabanin and Apocalypse, two more accomplices in kidnapping and extortion went to the detention center – 26-year-old Viktor Sannikov and 28-year-old Roman Devtyan. According to the testimony of the injured businessman, they beat him in the apartment, demanding payment of about 1 million rubles ($16.7 thousand). However, neither Sannikov nor Devtyan do not admit their guilt.

Only one person involved in the case – 25-year-old Ilfat Miftakhov was placed under house arrest. He acted as a driver in the gang. During the interrogation, Miftakhov exposed his accomplices, recognizing his involvement in the abduction.



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