"Showy blonde" rounded up after shooting at Kuntsevo Cemetery

"Showy blonde" rounded up after shooting at Kuntsevo Cemetery

The woman tried to stave off the homicide of her companion - Igor Belov, who is rumored to have once been a member of Solntsevskaya criminal group.⁠

A key witness appeared in the case on murder that occurred on October, 3 at Kuntsevo Cemetery. MK reports that when the cemetery administration employees found the body of the shot, there was a young woman next to him, who hysterically lamented "Killed, killed!". The police have already questioned her by now.

Earlier it was reported that the murder was the result of a funeral feast of the former leader of Kuntsevskaya gang, Alexander Kaligin, who was fatally shot in 1996 together with two bodyguards. Workers of the churchyard said that from 15 to 18 people, predominantly men, came to the feast. However, the witnesses also remembered a "showy blonde", who accompanied subsequently slain Igor Belov. It is noted that the company was at the grave of Kaligin twice a year – on the day of the shooting, on October 3, and Easter.

During the feast a conflict arose. According to eyewitnesses, the friend of Belov tried in every possible way to prevent the scuffle. However, one of the participants in the conflict snatched a traumatic pistol and fired several rounds at the man (4 shells were found at the scene). Those present at the death feast scattered away. It is reported that Belov, whose lung and heart were shot through, was still alive for several minutes, albeit unconscious. By the time the ambulance arrived, the wounded had already passed away.

Preliminary data say the murderer was part of Solntsevskaya crime group, whose member Belov, tried for a series of robberies, used to be.

At the funeral of Kaligin in 1996, incidents took place as well. Then many authorities of the underworld gathered at the ceremony, in particular, Nikolai Botinkin (Botinok), Andrei Isaev (Rospis), Gennady Shapovalov (Shapoval), Victor Avilov (Avil). In addition, many well-known athletes and coaches, patronized by the head of the organized crime group, came to the funeral. During the ceremony, a police raid involving Special Task Force and traffic police officers, which resulted in many participants of the funeral being detained and taken to the police station. After each detainee was identified, they were released.

Kuntsevskaya gang was formed in 1988, concurrent with the growth in the number of private selling spots in Moscow. The group members were collecting tribute from small businessmen. Soon afterwards, the gang imposed control over the local auto-technical center. It is noteworthy that the thievish curator of the Kuntsevskiye was the now-deceased thief in law Sergei Lipchansky, better known as Sibiryak.

With increasing members of the group, it managed to expand its territory of influence beyond the bounds of the native Kuntsevo. In particular, the gang has established its control over the trading rows near Kievsky Railway Station and Slavyanskaya hotel. However, in 1989 the police defeated the Kuntsevskiye, and most of the members of the organization were arrested. After that, Kuntsevskaya group returned to its district and became much less noticeable, occasionally making the news.

Alexander Kaligin (Alik) was shot after a conflict in a car-care center owned by Orekhovskaya crime group. He was killed dead by an assassin of the Orekhovskiye, Marat Polyansky, at the exit from a cafe near Setun station in October 1996.



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