Shooting of Koreets from Tambovskaya organized crime ring can be revenge for killing of Badri Shengelia

Shooting of Koreets from Tambovskaya organized crime ring can be revenge for killing of Badri Shengelia
Sergey Yugay

Sergey Yugay attempted to gain control of the business that was ‘looked after’ by the murdered.

As reports Life news website, citing a source in St. Petersburg police, the attempted murder of a former member of Tambovskaya organized crime ring Sergey Yugay aka Koreets (Korean) could be a revenge of Badri Shengelia’s entourage for his killing. Shengelia ‘looked after’ the business of Tambovskaya organized crime ring after in 2007, the alleged leader of the gang Vladimir Barsukov-Kumarin was convicted for robbery with use of force, racketeering and organizing murders.

When he was released from the colony in 2018 where he had served a 15-year term of imprisonment, Yugay went back to St. Petersburg to meet Shengelia. According to Life’s source within the police, the meeting dealt with the shares of the business. Shengelia reportedly refused to discuss this subject which angered Koreets.

One theory is that the businessman paid the exit package to Yugay: recently, he has got an Infiniti car worth about 5 million rubles ($76 thousand) with 777 plates. On September 21, he drove this car to the Yunost restaurant where he was anticipated by the killer.

It is also possible that Koreets may have been involved in the murder of Shengelia. The shooting of the businessman could be revenge for the fact that he gave evidence as a witness in judicial proceedings against Barsukov-Kumarin. It is reported that in 2007, it was Shengelia who turned the St. Petersburg’s ‘night governor’ in to the investigators. Shortly, the businessman was expected to testify against Kumarin in other judicial proceedings related to the case on the organization of a criminal association. The operatives believe that the shooting of Yugay could be a revenge for Shengelia’s entourage for his killing.

Badri Shengelia was shot when he was driving his Mercedes in Leningrad Oblast on September 17. The businessman died at the scene.

Sergey Yugay was shot in the evening on September 21 in the parking lot of the Yunost restaurant in Primorsky district in Leningrad Oblast. He received miscellaneous wounds and was hospitalized at Mariinskaya Hospital.

It is noteworthy that the white Mercedes appeared in both cases. Shengelia’s car was shot from the similar foreign car with Finnish plates. The murderer who shot Yugay was also driving a white Mercedes, however with Russian plates of the 198 region.

Life’s source within the Criminal Investigation Department of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of the Interior said that the attempted assassination of Koreets means “the end of the quiet life in the city.” “These days, many fighters and gangs’ members who had been convicted in the 2000s for extortions and murders are released from colonies. These are Malyshevskie and Tambovskaya. Now, they are back and hungry, so they are making their demands as to a share in the business,” the source said.



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