Shchyolkovskaya gang leader Basmach pleads innocent

Shchyolkovskaya gang leader Basmach  pleads innocent
Alexander Matusov (Basmach)

Alexander Matusov is accused of killing members of a competing group.

Hearings on the criminal case against Shchyolkovskaya criminal group leader Alexander Matusov nicknamed Basmach started in the Moscow Regional Court. The gang leader is accused of premeditated murders.

The court involving the jury began to study the story of the massacre that took place November 17, 1996. According to investigators, on this day four members of the rival group of Basmach – Aksenov, Kashirsky, Parkhomenko and Zarubin gathered together in one of the restaurants in Sverdlovsky village located in Moscow region. When Alexander Matusov and Pavel Bondartskov (Boldaris) learned about it, they gathered their gang and began to wait for them at the exit of the restaurant. Parkhomenko was killed first, Kashira was the second. Aksenov and Zarubin managed to survive in spite of a gunfight and car chases. Aksenov was placed in the reanimation of a local hospital, where Shchyolkovskaya criminals shot him a few days later.

Today, however, Matusov refused to plead guilty to the crime after prosecutors announced the indictment at the first hearing in the high-profile case.

Interestingly, Basmach took a few small icons to the meeting, but after the request of the prosecutor not to influence the jury by demonstrating his religious items, he put them away.

Notably, in 2011 the Moscow Regional Court has already convicted five members of Basmach’s group – Braznikov, Danilov, Malkov, Korotych, Nurmeev, as well as the two leaders – Pavel Bondartskov (Boldaris) and Igor Rozhnev of murders. They got from 9 to 21 years in prison, though this decision was subsequently appealed in the Supreme Court and the sentences were lightened because of the period of limitation.

Basmach himself hid in Thailand for many years. In 2010 he was issued an international arrest warrant and in summer 2014 the police arrested him by chance when he was riding a motorbike in underpants when intoxicated. July 3, 2014 he was deported to Moscow.


According to the MIA of the Russian Federation, Matusov founded Shchyolkovskaya gang in the early 1990s. People of Basmach preferred not to negotiate with competitors, but simply to eliminate them. Soon Basmach gang became known in the criminal world as one of the most violent, and its leader began to receive orders for businessmen or ‘authorities’. The gang is incriminated 60 murders.



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