Shamaninskie threatened witnesses from detention facility 

Shamaninskie threatened witnesses from detention facility
Leader of Shamaninskie gang was extradited from the UAE to Russia in December 2016

Investigator for priority cases of the regional Investigation Department of the ICR in the Solombalsky district of Arkhangelsk Anastasia Antonova reported unknown details about the structure and activities of the Shamaninskie gang in an interview with the newspaper Pravda Severa.

Anastasia Antonova was a member of the special investigative group that investigated the Shamaninskie's high-profile case with 80 episodes, 29 defendants and more than 70 victims.

Antonova said that the Shamaninskie had a strict hierarchy and a clear distribution of roles. The organized crime group (OCG) included five links. Two of them specialized in power actions and consisted of physically strong young people, including masters of sports in boxing and candidates for master of sports. The third link was responsible for negotiations with entrepreneurs. They offered services for the 'protection' of business. After this, institutions, as a rule, lost customers and proceeds. For this, criminals developed a scheme of 'bad – good'. Law enforcers came to the club or restaurant and organized an act of intimidation. As a rule, members of the OCG made a large order, then refused to pay the bill, beat the dishes, broke the furniture and often brutally beat the visitors.

Then, 'good' representatives of Shamaninskie came to the club and agreed on the amount for security guarantees. With this approach, the investigator said, only a few refused. And then they (refused one) regretted - cars, cafes and other property were burnt by intractable people. So, Shamaninskye burned once a whole recreation center on the Kambalitsa river.

"Entrepreneurs were forced to enter into contracts with controlled security firms that gave the appearance of legality to lawlessness," the investigator said.

The fourth link of the criminal community consisted of former and current police officers. Among them there was the senior detective on priority cases of the Department for combating organized crime, which provided the bandits with consulting services.

'Their people' in the Ministry of Internal Affairs for a long time helped Shamaninskie to avoid responsibility. In particular, Alexey Shumov, the former Chief of Severodvinsk criminal investigation, who was brought to trial as an accused, gave direct instructions to subordinates not to institute criminal proceedings against the bandits.

Алексей Шумов

Former Chief of the Severodvinsk criminal investigation Alexey Shumov

The investigator also noted that the pre-trial agreement of Shumov on cooperation with the investigation was terminated, because he negated given testimony against the other members of the OCG.

According to Anastasia Antonova, in view of the scale of the criminal community, at the stage of mass detentions and searches at least 50 people were in the investigation group.

When the investigation began, Antonova noted, defendants in the criminal case tried to influence the results of the investigation.


Detention of Shamaninskie OCG members in 2015

Being in pre-trial detention center, the detainees contrived to use mobile communication facilities, which are strictly prohibited there. Communicating with their relatives and friends, the defendants attempted to influence the course of the investigation. In particular, there were cases when the accused called and threatened victims, the investigator said.

In addition, Shamaninskie 'nightmarized' representatives of local business as much that they were afraid to give evidence, even when the bulk of the organized crime group was already behind bars. However, during the cleansing of the organized crime group and the intensification of the investigation, fear fell back and the victims began to turn to the investigative authorities and give evidence.

Recall that in 2014 as a result of joint actions of the security forces Shamanin's OCG was eliminated. Oleg Shamanin managed to hide abroad for a long time. At the end of 2015, The CrimeRussia became aware of his stay in the Afghan capital of Kabul, then the leader of Shamaninskie moved to the UAE. In December 2016, Oleg Shamanin was extradited to Russia.

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Oleg Shamanin on the eve of extradition from the UAE

According to recent reports, the criminal case of Shamaninskie has in total 329 volumes of materials. Shamaninskie have been charged with Participation In a Criminal Community (part 2 of Art. 210 of the Criminal Code), Extortion (items (a, b), part 3 of Art. 163 of the Criminal Code), Wilful Destruction of other people's property (part 2 of Art. 167 of the Criminal Code) and Robbery (item (a), part 4 of Art. 162 of the Criminal Code). At the moment only two accused remain in the search, their whereabouts are unknown.



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