Shamaninskie put on trial

Shamaninskie put on trial
Oleg Shamanin at the trial

The first hearing in the case of the Oleg Shamanin’s gang was procedural in nature; about a month later the court intends to form a jury.⁠

The Arkhangelsk Regional Court opened a trial of members of the criminal community headed by Oleg Shamanin. The investigation prepared material for 329 volumes in relation to 23 members of the gang. Depending on the role and degree of participation of each they are charged under articles Participation In a Criminal Association (part 2 of Article 210 of the Criminal Code), Participation In a Stable Armed Group (band) (part 2 of Article 209 of the Criminal Code), Deliberate Destruction of Another's Property (part 2 of Art. 167 of the Criminal Code), Extortion (items (a, b), part 3 of Art. 163 of the Criminal Code) and Robbery (item (a), part 4 of Art. 162 of the Criminal Code). Earlier it was decided to consider the case with the participation of jurors. The first meeting on October 19 was procedural in nature: the identification of the defendants' personalities, consideration of their numerous petitions. In the middle of November the jury will be formed.

It should be noted that about 600 witnesses were interrogated during the investigation of the Shamaninskie gang. The number of victims exceeds 80 people.

According to investigators, in 2012, Oleg Shamanin created the gang. The gang laid under tribute Arkhangelsk and Severodvinsk businessmen. Bandits acted in the spirit of their predecessors from the 90s threatening and taking over business from uncooperative entrepreneurs. Moreover, Shamaninskie could not be identified a long time, because they acted under the protection of local police officers, who turned a blind eye to the committed crimes and refused to initiate criminal proceedings.

As follows from the materials of the case, Oleg Shamanin, in order to establish criminal control in the sector of small and medium businesses and continue to receive proceeds by illegal methods, created a criminal community in 2012 and headed it until November 2014.

The gang had a strict hierarchy and a clear distribution of roles. The gang consisted of five links. Two of them specialized in power actions and consisted of physically strong young people, including masters of sports in boxing and candidates for master of sports. The third link was responsible for negotiations with entrepreneurs. The fourth link of the criminal community consisted of former and current police officers. Among them was former Head of the Severodvinsk Criminal Investigation Department Alexey Shumov who gave direct instructions to subordinates not to initiate criminal cases against bandits.

Leader of the gang Oleg Shamanin was hiding abroad. In December 2016 Oleg Shamanin was extradited from the UAE to Russia. In the dock there are not enough two more possible members of the group. They are on the run and declared wanted.



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