Shadow banker familiar with FSB Colonel Cherkalin declared wanted

Shadow banker familiar with FSB Colonel Cherkalin declared wanted

Oleg Belousov is accused of embezzling 3.5 billion rubles ($ 54.7 m).

The investigation filed a petition with Tverskoy Court of Moscow for the arrest of one of the shadow bankers - Oleg Belousov. He is accused of embezzling 3.2 billion rubles ($ 50 m), but as a source from law enforcement agencies told Rosbalt, law enforcers' interest in Belousov is related to another matter.

According to some reports, the banker was well acquainted with former senior officials of the Banking Department of the K Directorate of the FSB of the Russian Federation - Kirill Cherkalin and Dmitry Frolov.

The interlocutor of the publication notes that the banker has already been put on the international wanted list. The petition for his arrest in absentia will be considered on August 5. If it is granted, an international wanted notice will be issues for Belousov. According to operational data, he is in Cyprus.

It is known that Belousov was a partner of Alexey Kulikov and Ivan Myazinin in Promsberbank. The latter two are considered “kings of the shadow world” and had ties to FSB colonels Cherkalin and Frolov.

Now, Kulikov and Myazin, who have already told what kind of cases made them connected with Cherkalin and Frolov, are under arrest. Now the operatives expect to receive similar information from Belousov.

According to the investigation, the shareholders of Promsberbank, Alexey Kulikov, Ivan Myazin and Oleg Belousov, organized a scam to issue loans to shell companies upon the security of fictitious collateral.

Thus, 3.2 billion rubles ($ 50 m) were withdrawn from the bank, which ended up abroad. The bank transferred the rights to non-performing loans to its subsidiary - Oranta insurance company. The latter resold loans to firms in Moldova and the Baltic states, also controlled by the defendants in the case. These companies, through foreign courts, demanded a refund from debtors, and then the money ended up outside the Russian Federation.

Also, according to the testimony of several witnesses, Belousov, together with Myazin, created a 'laundromat' - a channel through which the criminal group withdrew $ 21 billion from Russia to Moldova.

Among themselves, the defendants called their underground association Myaso (stands for Myazin and company).

Soon, Myazin is to appear before the court in the case of embezzlement of Promsberbank funds. Kulikov was convicted of the same crime for 9 years.




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