Severomorsk Boxers gang to appear before court

Severomorsk Boxers gang to appear before court
Members of Severomorsk Boxers OCG

When the Boxers were arrested in October 2014, the investigation seized their property worth 12 million rubles.

The Murmansk Regional Court took over the case file regarding Severomorsk Boxers OCG on Wednesday, the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs told journalists at a press conference on Thursday.

According to the investigation, the man of 27, with a conviction for illegal arms trafficking residing at the Northern Fleet main base Severomorsk, created an organized criminal group of local athletes in 2012. Some of them had outstanding convictions. Severomorsk Boxers were engaged in drug trafficking at Murmansk naval base, they made sure no one could disclose them by attacking any witnesses they had.

"The profit they gained from the illegal sale of 3-Methylfentanyl and amphetamine amounted to over 1 million rubles", said Vladimir Budarin, the Deputy Head of the Investigative Unit of Division of Criminal Investigation of the Investigative Department of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Murmansk Region.

The investigation revealed that within Severomorsk Boxers another gang was operating since 2014. Its members dealt with money extortion from local entrepreneurs and demanded that the gang leader should be included in the list of the company’s founders.

Officer Budarin stressed that when the Boxers were arrested in October 2014, the investigation seized their property worth 12 million rubles.

"All of them were living beyond their means. The investigation seized cash and 12 million rubles worth of jewelry", he said.

Six Boxers are going to appear at trial. Four of them are presently in custody, two are under house arrest and a 1-million ruble bail, respectively. Three others have entered into a pre-trial agreement to cooperate with the investigation. Their court file has been separated from the other case, said Maksim Davydov, the Murmansk Prosecutor’s Office official.

The gang members are charged with part 5 of Art. 228.1 of the Criminal Code (Illegal Acquisition of Narcotic Drugs, Psychotropic Substances committed by an organized group), and part 4 of Art. 309 of the Criminal Code (Compulsion to Give Testimony with the use of violence that endangers the lives and health of said persons), as well as items (a and b) of part 3, Art. 163 of the Criminal Code (Extortion, committed with violence by an organized group).

According to previous reports, in October 2014 the police brought charges against the Severomorsk Boxers leader. 



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