Sevastopolskie gang leader at the helm of football club Rubin 

Sevastopolskie gang leader at the helm of football club Rubin
Rustem Saimanov (Saiman)

Rustem Saimanov, known in criminal circles as Saiman, became officially included in the leadership of the Kazan football club.⁠

As the sports director of Rubin, Rustem Saimanov participated in the pre-season game of Kazans against Slovenia's Celje, which took place in Bad Blumau, Austria. Rubin took the game 2 to 0. According to Saimanov, he will be responsible for transfer and organizational issues in the club.

Earlier, the return of Saimanov to Rubin was announced by the president of the club, Radik Shaimiev (son of the former president of Tatarstan Mintimer Shaimiev). It should be noted that Saimanov had previously worked in this position in Rubin between 2007 and 2008. However, his career as a sports manager was prevented by prison. In May 2008 he was arrested on suspicion of involvement in a series of murders committed in the 90s as part of Sevastolskiye gang. Together with him another leader of Sevastopolskiye was taken – the notorious Radik Yusupov, nicknamed Dragon. They were charged with the creation of Sevastopolskiye gang and the commission of a number of murders.

In September 2011 the Supreme Court of Tatarstan found Saiman guilty of committing a deliberate murder of 7 people by previous concert with a group of people and in a life-threatening way for many people and sentenced to 8.5 years in a general regime colony. In 2014 Saimanov was released on parole.

At that time Dragon was sentenced to eight years in a correctional colony of general regime. However, he served time very peculiarly – he was often seen far beyond the colony. For example, in Kazan, where he, together with famous singer Grigory Leps, visited a grave of some criminal ‘authority’ in the cemetery.

Радик Юсупов (слева) и Григорий Лепс

Radik Yusupov (on the left) and Grigory Leps

In his first major interview with publication BUSINESS Online Rustem Saimanov, commenting on his criminal past, said that he "understood he was guilty".

"Then it seemed to me that I was doing the right thing and that I had no other choice. It was a difficult time for the gang. I was very scared. It seemed to me that I was defending my business and there was no other way. All the time there was a choice: kill or be killed. Now I understand: it's not the time to blame, and but me myself, it was my own decisions that led me to this result", summarized Saimanov.

Yusupov was also associated with the activities of football club Rubin. Novaya Gazeta wrote that the businessman was part of the administration of this club for some time. The publication noted that almost every Russian club financed from budgetary funds "fell into the hands of criminal groups", trying to get "an opportunity to control financial flows, transfer transactions, and influence the outcome of matches".

Sevastopolskie OCG appeared in 1992. The name came from capital hotel Sevastopol, where the gang base was located. Its first leader was Lenar Rechapov, who was also part of Kazan criminal groups Sloboda and Boriskovo. The new gang brought together leaders and ordinary members of several Kazan groups (Nizy, Gryaz, 56th Kvartal, Ilfatey’s Brigade, Chainiki and others) to eliminate members of the opposing groups, in particular, Zhilka and Novotatarskiye.



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