Serbia denied link between detained sniper and Putin’s arrival

Serbia denied link between detained sniper and Putin’s arrival
Vladimir Putin

The media associated the detained person with terrorists from the Islamic State, banned in the Russian Federation.

Information about the attempted assassination of Russian President Vladimir Putin in Serbia is unreliable. Moreover, the detention of Armin Alibashich, a member of the Wahhabi movement called Dava Team Center, has nothing to do with the upcoming visit of the Russian leader to Belgrade, Sputnik.Serbia reported, citing a source in the country's special services.

“All the actions and measures to detain Alibashich are absolutely in no way connected with the visit of the President of Russia,” the source said.

On January 13, the secret services detained Alibashich, finding a pneumatic gun with an optical sight and several knives in his backpack. The security forces searched the place of residence of the man and found there objects with attributes of the IS. According to the investigation, Alibashich had long been undergoing military training in a village in Serbia.

Putin will visit Serbia on January 17, so the local media first associated the detained terrorist to this particular political event.



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