Senior executive of Bosov’s company denies Mikhail Abyzov’s participation in Sibantratsit

Senior executive of Bosov’s company denies Mikhail Abyzov’s participation in Sibantratsit
Mikhail Abyzov in court Photo: RBC

It is unknown whether the arrested ex-minister had been Bosov’s partner in other projects of Sibantratsit.

Maksim Barsky, CEO of Sibantratsit owned Dmitry Bosov, has denied reports that the arrested ex-Minister of the Open government Mikhail Abyzov has shares at the coal company.

“No, he was not a share holder at Sibantratsit. All share holders of Sibantratsit are institutionalized,” Barsky told RBC.

He, however, failed to say whether Abyzov is Bosov’s partner in other projects. Nezagyr Telegram channel had earlier reported that Abyzov had been a partner of the owner of Sibantratsit in a few projects.

Bosov told Vedomosti that he had met Abyzov in 1998. The latter worked with RAO EES and arrived at Krasnoyarsk aluminum plant (Bosov had shares of the plant at the time) by order of the company’s head Anatoly Chubays.

“We saw a young man we had not known named Abyzov. He was impudent and stated he would not pay in accordance with the prior tariffs of Krasnoyarsk aluminum plant,” the businessman recalled.

With that, Bosov emphasized that he and Abyzov hit it off fine subsequently.

“We spent our days in confrontation: at the meetings in the administration, regional energetic committee and prosecution office. We accused each other of all possible sins, but in the evening we had dinner, drank vodka and compared our student years at the Bauman University and Mechanical and Mathematical Department,” Bosov shared.

The CrimeRussia reported that on April 17, the Federal Security Service in Krasnoyarsk initiated a criminal case against unidentified parties amongst senior executives of Bosov’s another coal company - Arctic mining company. The investigation theory is that the company had dealt with illegal mining of coal in the Taymyr Peninsula, and then sold it.



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