Security officer accused of having links to Ifa-Kozlov's OCG was justified

Security officer accused of having links to Ifa-Kozlov's OCG was justified
Arthur Marcinkevichus

The court found no confirmation of the charges made against the security officer.

The Vorkuta Town Court acquitted the Detective Arthur Marcinkevichus accused of taking bribes from the organized crime group Ifa-Kozlov and beating the Head of the criminal police, the Deputy Chief of the Vorgashorsky police department No. 3 of the Vorkuta MIA.

The first charge was based on the testimony of the member of the organized crime group Ifa-Kozlov Rafael Mamedov. According to him, in 2011, the policeman informed him about the course of investigation of the contract killing of the businessman Sergei Barabash, in which Mamedov was the suspect. For this information, the member of the gang thanked Arthur Marcinkevichus by giving him wristwatches worth 120 thousand rubles and gold bracelet worth 25 thousand rubles, which were allegedly handed over to him through his mother. The testimonies against the police officer were also given by Mamedov’s accomplices, Borenko and Medvedev, who said that in addition to the gifts Arthur Marcinkevichus got funds in the amount of 100 to 400 thousand rubles and a car.

The policeman confirmed that he indeed talked to Mamedov, but he could not provide him with any information, because the investigation of the murder the businessman was carried out by the inspectors in Syktyvkar. In addition, the most part of 2011, the police officer spent at the hospital. Arthur Marcinkevichus said the watch with the bracelet he got as the presents from his bride before the wedding, and the payment was made by a credit card, which can be easily verified. The court listened to the arguments of the policeman, noting the contradictory testimonies of the OCG members. As a result, on these charges, Marcinkevichus was acquitted.

Another accusation was based on the testimony of two victims: the former Chief of the criminal police, the Deputy Chief of the Vorgashorsky police department No. 3 Nikolay Podlesny of the Vorkuta MIA and the security of a cafe Gennady Shvetsov, who previously worked for Podlesny. According to them, on March 23, 2011, as they rested in a cafe Arena, they saw Marcinkevichus and his friend Vasily Teplov in a state of intoxication. According to the victims, Teplov approached Podlesny and suddenly hit him in the nose, and then a fight broke out. During the fight, the policeman managed to push Teplov against the wall, but, at this moment, Marcinkevičius suddenly turned Podlesny around, and hit him in the shin, which resulted in a broken leg. The testimony was added by Shvetsov, who claimed that, before that, Arthur Marcinkevichus hit him three times in the head, not allowing to separate Podlesny and Teplov.

The accused told a different story. According to him, he did not hit neither Podlesny nor Shvetsov, but only tried to separate them while they were fighting. Then, he took out his phone and started filming what was happening. Podlesny, noticing this, suddenly turned to Marcinkevichus and fell, because of which he needed medical help. His testimony was confirmed by four witnesses from among the visitors and employees of the cafe. The surveillance cameras recordings also showed the defendant's rightness.

Judge Maria Shilova noted inconsistence of Podlesny’s testimonies, who was talking about a sudden turn only after the examination. In the end, having considered all of the collected materials, including the results of the forensic examination, the court sided with the detained policeman and justified Arthur Marcinkevichus on all episodes.



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