Sea by codes of the underworld 

Sea by codes of the underworld
The business managers of the Black Sea tycoon glance not only at sea, but also on daily bread. Photo: The CrimeRussia

Not much time has passed since former deputy, and businessman of Anapa Sergey Zirinov was sentenced to 22 years in jail. But as it turned out nothing has changed since his imprisonment. Business flourishes and develops. As it became known to The CrimeRussia, the former parliamentarian bought even a piece of sea, Anapa Bay, and is after the agroholding of oligarch Oleg Deripaska.

Golden Sand

Clan of Zirinov took the best reserved sites and legalized the unauthorized construction of hotels and entertainment complexes through the court. It is easier to find out what does not belong to the Black Sea ‘lord’ today. He owns almost all property located on the coastline of Anapa Bay - restaurants, bars, three water parks, several high-rise buildings, sanatoriums and most of the local media, except for the elite hotels Valentina and Zolotaya Bukhta. As residents say, even all the sun loungers for which vacationers pay belong to him. Sergey Zirinov is not a greedy man. As reported by locals, it is quite possible to lease the same business on sun loungers from companies affiliated with his business.


Ex-chairman of the Stavropol regional court Andrey Korchagin

Beach trade also belongs to Zirinov. Now tourists and holidaymakers will not meet babushkas with pies on beaches of Anapa. Instead, impudent people in uniform are moving along the sand with high prices for one and the same products. Even a man with a monkey, offering to take a photo, also works for him. According to residents, the business empire of Sergey Zirinov continues to develop after his imprisonment; his wife Nitsa Zirinova and loyal friends in the person of ex-chairman of the Stavropol regional court Andrey Korchagin sharpen the business. Having lost his post after the so-called Anapa scandal, Andrey Korchagin is a ‘fixer’ now.


Sergey Zirinov has wide ties with underworld. His uncle Nikolay Ispirian, who was killed in 1997, was the ‘shadow owner’ of Anapa and kept a common fund. After his death, Ded Hasan came to Anapa, he was going to sound out about the disappearance of money. As the sources say, Andrey Korchagin, who, before his judicial career, had an informal status of an excellent ‘fixer’ and a lawyer supported Zirinov and deconflicted. The common fund story was forgotten and Aslan Usoyan withdrew his claims, Zirinov took the place of his late uncle.

Zirinov together with Korchagin implemented a scheme for ‘renting’ the best protected areas of the region from the state with the subsequent legalization of hotels and entertaining complexes built on them arbitrarily. According to sources, imprisoned Zirinov bought a piece of Anapa Bay supposedly for the yacht club. This rumor seems quite plausible. After all, in 2016, Snob penned about Zirinov’s ambitious plans - to turn the resort Anapa into an international marina with super-modern hotels and a world-class yacht club.

The Sea King

In fact, the Zolotaya Bukhta yacht club - Zirinov's favorite child – was a ground for Anapa scandal. At the time of its construction, several workers of the Serbian company Putevi lost their lives. The Serbs built an aqua park and a yacht club. But at the same time, they were also forced to build the building of the regional court. For free. Serbs were indignant and, according to the investigation, were immured in the concrete of the yacht club. Their bodies were never found, because, to complete the investigation, it was necessary to demolish the multi-storey hotel of the yacht club.




Zolotaya Bukhta yacht club

Today the Black Sea tycoon and its structures are not going to give up their former ambitions to turn Anapa into a large-scale international project, partly at the expense of the state. Recall, Zolotaya Bukhta was once the state Anapa yacht club area of 1.3 hectares, bought by the deputy for 2.5 million rubles (while the cadastral value of the object was more than 470 million rubles).


Sergey Zirinov is a Russian businessman, an ex-deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Krasnodar Territory. In March 2013 he was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. Later he was charged with banditry and the murder of two or more persons in the gang. In October 2016, the North Caucasian District Military Court sentenced the parliamentarian to 22 years in prison. His accomplices also got long terms. The investigation and the court established that in 1999, a gang under the leadership of Zirinov and Ambartsum Eyriyan was created, its members were former police officer Igor Nekhanenko, Aslanian, Paladyan, Amar Suloev, Tilgerov, Dmitry Sapozhnikov and Andrey Miroshnikov. The gang controlled a large part of the business in Anapa. It killed general director of the Malenkaya Bukhta sanatorium Vitaly Sadovnichy and his wife that refused to follow Zirinov's orders.

For the development of the international marina, the sea is required, so that rich foreign vessels with their wealthy owners can freely enter the bay clear of poor fishing boats. His structures seize the lands, allegedly getting rid of the recall of the Soviet Union in Anapa. It is a fantastic idea for the developer, but it was carried out by robbing people and the state. Today, even rescuers cannot safely inspect the seabed of the bay, as they face blowup from Zirinov. Also, according to sources, all the fish in the sea belongs to Zirinov, even before it was hooked. As local fishermen joke, the fish do not have time to sail off the Turkish coast, as Zirinov has already bought it.


Sergey Zirinov in the court


Recently, as they say, the business managers of the Black Sea tycoon glance not only at sea but also on daily bread. According to some information, Zirinov's business empire is seriously interested in developing of the agro-industrial complex.

The object of interests is the largest in the Stavropol region agroholding Kuban, which owner is Oleg Deripaska, whose assets face hard times. 

According to official data, the Kuban agroholding that is part of the Deripaska’s Basic Element was included in the updated US sanctions list. The full text of the document is published on the official website of the US Department of Treasury. The company from Ust-Labinsk became the only Kuban legal entity that entered the blacklist.


Oleg Deripaska

Representatives of the agricultural holding’s press service told the media that they know about the sanctions list, and the company's legal department is instructed to study the blacklist consequences. Also, according to the statement of top manager Andrey Oleinik, the profitability of the group of companies fell due to a reduction in the volume of state investments. The board of Rosstroyinvest LLC, the construction division of the Basic Element holding of Oleg Deripaska, changed. The owner of 9% of the company became Yuri Chechikhin, husband of Zhanna Zolotova, the daughter of the Rosgvardiya Head. Now the chances to obtain state orders skyrocket.


Kuban agroholding unites 10 dairy farms, a meat processing complex, a pig-breeding mega farm, grain elevators, seed production and processing plants, the Svoboda sugar factory, and the Voskhod stud farm. The proceeds of the Kuban agricultural holding reached 10.8 billion rubles ($173.9m) in 2016.

If such a deal closes, it will be done in favor of his high-ranking acquaintances, for example, chairman of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Lebedev. After all, the best thing for the retired judge is a business.


Chairman of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Lebedev

The whole environment of Sergey Zirinov serviced the highest guest for many years. According to sources, the tycoon and Korchagin organized a magnificent celebration of the Vyacheslav Lebedev’s 70th anniversary. The plane was leased; the 27th beach was closed for the party. All shadow merchants were robbed blind.

However, Zirinov’s investments came short. He was condemned and is doing his term now. Andrey Korchagin was just dismissed while admired the post of Supreme Court deputy chairman.


Sergey Zirinov and his associates in court 

In any case, it is not a matter of one month. The story of Kuban agricultural holding is just begun.



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