Сase of Chechen racketeers stalls in France

Сase of Chechen racketeers stalls in France

The City Court of Paris suddenly interrupted the trial for the murder of the co-owner of Saratovstroysteklo OJSC Michael Lanin, committed in 2011 in France.

This decision was made by the Court after the defense of the natives of Chechnya Ruslan Bersanov, Yazid Arsaliev, Batrudin Kaimov, accused of the murder of a Saratov entrepreneur, introduced the Russian press materials about the arrest of a certain Alexander Smirnov in Turkey in April of this year, who is allegedly a Chechen "authority" Valid Lurahmaev also known as Validol.

According to Kommersant, the Paris Court annulled two days of the hearing, dismissed the jury and intends to wait until the Turkish authorities provide it with the official information about Smirnov’s identity. Although the Turkish side unofficially informed the City Court of Paris that the detainee is not Validol, the Court found that the prosecutor has to send an official request to Turkey.

The defense of the accused rushed to take advantage of the Court’s decision, according to Kommersant. Yazid Arsaliev’s and Ruslan Bersanov’s lawyers filed a petition to change the pre-trial restrictions for his clients, who are in custody in prison since 2011. However, the Court refused to release the defendants because they may flee from justice.

As Crime Russia previously informed, according to the Russian law enforcement agencies, the documents in the name of Alexander Smirnov were used by the leader of the Chechen criminal group Valid Lurahmaev also known as Validol. Currently, heiswantedbyInterpol.

The Parisian investigators believe that it were Validol and his accomplice from the gang Ahmad Hamidov who organized the execution of a major Russian businessman, the owner of Saratovstroysteklo Michael Lanin. They charged with the crime under p. 2 Art. 105 of the Criminal Code (murder committed by group of persons) in absentia.

In 2011, the businessman Mikhail Lanin flew to France with a girlfriend to inspect the property, which the Validol’s gang members promised to give him after receiving 200 million rubles from the businessman. The money the businessman has previously transferred to the members of the OCG that have promised to arrange his appointment to a senior position either in Olympstroy, or Mezhregiongas. This never happened and instead of returning the money the gang members "offered" Lanin property in France. So the entrepreneur was lured to Paris and killed there.

According to the investigators, Ruslan Bersanov and Yazid Arsaliyev were assassinated Michael Lanin and Batrudin Kaimov helped his friends to sell things stolen from the businessman and his girlfriend.

Witnessing in court both Ruslan Bersanov and Yazid Arsaliyev refused to admit their guilt. According to their version, they only met Mikhail Lanin at a Paris airport, then took him to a meeting in the small town of Villepinte.



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