Saratov swindlers made over 1.7 mln dollars providing car insurance

Saratov swindlers made over 1.7 mln dollars providing car insurance
Car insurance

In Saratov, 11 people are being tried for swindling involving car insurance; the total damage exceeded 100 million rubles (1.7 million dollars).

According to investigative bodies, the gang members would buy foreign cars, stage accidents, and receive payments in insurance companies.

As reported by the MIA Main Administration for the Saratov region, there is one more defendant in this case; a woman was also taken into custody a few days ago. The total number of defendants in the case of swindling is 11.

According to the regional MIA Main Administration, this OCG used to specialize in fraud with car insurance. The organized crime group began its activities in December 2012 and was active in the territory of the Saratov region until May 2015. 

Gang members would buy expensive foreign cars, register them in the name of straw persons, and receive notarized power of attorneys from the car 'owners'. After this, the fraudsters would stage 5-7 road accidents during the validity period of CASCO or OSAGO certificates of insurance and receive major insurance payments for every accident. As a result, they managed to fraudulently obtain about 100 million rubles from five insurance companies.

AlfaStrakhovanie is among the injured organizations. As the insurance company’s representatives reported, the swindlers received 8.5 million rubles (146 thousand dollars) for four 'insurance' cases with Audi A8, as well as 5.8 million rubles (100 thousand dollars) more for two accidents involving BMW X5.

In July 2016, law enforcement officers managed to detain two members of the organized crime group, namely its leader and his accomplice. The operatives seized their documents, means of communication, data storage devices, as well as bankcards and six foreign cars. A criminal case on suspicion of group swindling in the field of insurance, committed by an organized group on a large scale (part 4 of Art. 159.5 of the Russian Criminal Code), has been initiated against the detainees.

Investigation into this criminal case is currently underway.



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