Samara region: Gang of bailiffs steals cars

Samara region: Gang of bailiffs steals cars

In Samara, law enforcers exposed a gang of bailiffs stealing cars during a murder investigation.

Three bailiffs are facing trial in the Samara region. They have been charged with fraud, car theft, document theft, and attempted bribery.

The police found out about the gang by accident while investigating murder of a 28-year-old man killed last April, according to the press service of the Samara region ICR.

The 28-year-old man drove away from his garage in the Promyshlenny District and disappeared in early April 2016, according to investigators. His car was found a month later in the Kyrgyz Republic; it had fake number plates. The car owner’s body was found on May 27. It was hidden under a country house floor 70 meters away from the highway to the Samara – Chapaevsk – Novokuybyshevsk – Saratov Interchange. There was evidence the man had been killed.

Two citizens of the neighboring republic were involved in the murder, according to the police. It is worth mentioning that the two were members of a car stealing gang, as well as the victim and two other people. Three bailiffs of the regional Federal Bailiff Service Directorate were the gang members, too. They are Service Samara District Department Bailiff Aleksandr Koptev, Service Samara District Department Second-Class Specialist Diana Shagaleeva, and Service Zheleznodorozhny District Department Bailiff Dinara Mavlyutova.

The gang stole at least 10 cars and documents for them between April 2015 and April 2016, according to the investigators.

The police also found out all the stolen cars had been mortgaged to banks. The bailiffs would repossess cars pretending to do it as a part of their official duties. However, they would not hand money to banks. They caused about 8.5 million rubles ($148.4 thousand) worth of damage

The criminal case against the bailiffs and an approved indictment had been referred to court for further proceedings. As for the other gang members, they will be prosecuted separately since they had hidden from the police and are put on the wanted list.



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