Samara OCG made $401k on heroin dealers

Samara OCG made $401k on heroin dealers

A trial of members of the OCG, which supplied heroin in the colony, begins in Samara.

The criminal case against 8 members of the group has been referred to the Krasnoglinsky District Court of Samara for further consideration on merits.

According to the investigative bodies, the criminal scheme related to the supply of drugs to prisoners involved a total of 12 people. They used hiding spots and 'stashes' to transfer heroin, and Qiwi-wallets and bank cards registered in the name of front persons to transfer the money. At the same time, members of the group often changed their phones, SIM cards and Qiwi-wallet numbers for security reasons.

As reported by the regional prosecutor's office, in the period from January to October 2015, members of the OCG carried out the supply of heroin in colonies of the Samara and Orenburg regions. They would throw the drugs over the fence to their accomplices-prisoners, who would then pack up the heroin in parcels and sell doses to other convicts.

According to the law enforcers, members of the OCG made a total of 24 million rubles ($401 thousand) on selling 1600 grams of heroin to prisoners. The criminals would withdraw the money received using bank cards.

It should be added that four out of the twelve OCG members had copped a plea deal and fully admitted their guilt. The court has sentenced them to long terms of imprisonment.



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