Russian mafia took cash to Spain from offshore in Andorra

Russian mafia took cash to Spain from offshore in Andorra
Photo: El Mundo

Spanish law enforcement agencies reported new details about the detention of Russian gang members during this week’s raid.

Spanish Special Prosecutor's Office against Corruption and Organized Crime has published an official press release on the results of a major operation against the so-called Russian mafia in Catalonia, which took place earlier this week.

"By order of the Special Prosecutor for the fight against corruption and organized crime, we performed eight arrests, conducted 15 searches and seizure of property, froze 142 bank accounts, and arrested a total of 191 real estate objects," - as noted in the statement.

Spanish law enforcement authorities believe that a criminal organization of "Russian origin" was engaged in money laundering and fraud in the area of taxation.

"This clan has connections with various criminal organizations, including the Tambovskaya organized crime group, which is based in Spain and whose activities were also stopped by the prosecutor's office against corruption. The organization received economic benefits in Spain in the form of cash, which came from Andorra, as well as through a variety of international transfers from offshores. This illegal capital was then invested in different areas of business, as well as in real estate in Spain," - the prosecutor's office explained.

We should note that Andorra is a small country in Europe, bordered by Spain. Andorra is known for its offshore companies, a lot like British Virgin Islands and Panama.

Earlier this week, eight people were arrested in Spain: two - in Salou, two - in Cambrils, three - in Reus, and one - in Vilafortuny. Among them, six were Russians, one was Ukrainian, and the last one was from Spain. They were involved in laundering more than 62 million euros. In addition, the investigators found ties "with professionals and straw persons, who are linked to Colombian drug cartels Cali and Medellin.

It is noted that the leaders of the criminal organization live in Russia, but come to Spain on weekends to monitor the investments of their subordinates, who live in Catalonia. One of them was reported to be a member of the United Russia party.

Previously, the Spanish police declared State duma member Vladislav Reznik and his wife Diana Gindin internationally wanted. The two were included in the list of 27 people, who are associated with the Tambovsko-Malyshevskaya organized crime group in Spain.

Additionally, senator of Mari El Alexander Torshin was suspected to have ties with a member of the Tagankskaya gang Alexander Romanov as early as in 2014. The same lawmaker was put on the sanctions list of the EU and the US. Now Romanov is once again under investigation in Spain. Another 11 people are considered defendants in the criminal case of money laundering. In total, they face 76 years in prison and a fine of 165 million euros.



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