Russian mafia in Spain: six of eleven detainees on suspicion of money laundering released 

Russian mafia in Spain: six of eleven detainees on suspicion of money laundering released
One of the detainees on the Costa del Sol

The names of those released from custody are not disclosed, but it is known that owner of the football club Marbella Alexander Grinberg is still under arrest.⁠

The court of the city of Marbella in the province of Malaga has decided to release six detainees, arrested during the police operation Oligarch, which was held a few days ago by the Civil Guard of Spain, the Spanish news agency Efe reports.

Meanwhile, passports of suspects in Russian mafia’s money laundering were confiscated. They are still forbidden to leave Spain and are ordered to appear to the court weekly for testimony.

Recall that as a result, at the beginning of the week, Spanish gendarmes detained 11 suspects in illegal activities, most of which have Russian and Estonian citizenship.

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Cordon off the football club in Marbella

Among the detainees are Alexander Grinberg, the owner of the Marbella football club, Herman Pastushenko, the vice president of the club, and the famous hotel manager, ex-general director of the Kosmos hotel complex and ex-chairman of the board of directors of the Intourist association Arnold Spivakovsky (Tamm), who currently occupies a leading position in AFK Sistema, as well as Russians Sergey Dozhdev, Vladimir Drzeev and Oleg Kuznetsov - the leaders and owner of the plant for the production of drinking water Aguas Sierra de Mijas in Malaga. During a series of searches, police seized serious amounts of cash, 23 elite cars and several dozen firearms, including machine guns and submachine guns.


Alexander Grinberg and Herman Pastushenko

It is expected that today in court all the defendants of the case will be formally charged with ties to Russian criminal world and legalization in Spain of Izmailovskaya and Solntsevskya gangs’ money; Arnold Spivakovsky is a possible leader, close to Sergey Mikhailov and Semyon Mogilevich.

Lavanguardia edition notes that, in addition to 11 previously detained, the investigators suspect three other persons whose names are not known. It is known only that the Spanish law enforcement officers did not detain them.

Meanwhile, the football club Marbella published an open letter on its website in support of its president Alexander Grinberg, who is still in custody. He bought a football club in 2013 for a symbolic fee of 1 euro and paid off his debts. Grinberg won respect among the townspeople. The fans of Marbella do not believe in his guilt, and believe that "the misunderstanding will be resolved." Please, read our material about operation Oligarch in Spain for further details.



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