Russia urges Turkey to extradite Chechen hitman Validol

Russia urges Turkey to extradite Chechen hitman Validol
Valid Lurahmaev (Validol)

The criminal boss was detained by the Turkish security forces back in April 2016.

The Investigative Committee of Russia sent an official request to Turkey asking to extradite Chechen hitman Valid Lurahmaev (Validol). At home Validol is charged with a number of grave crimes including the high-profile murder of Russian businessman Mikhail Lanin in France. According to Izvestia, the case against the hitman has already been filed to court.

Validol, who was detained back in April 2016 carrying ID in the name of Aleksandr Smirnov, is still in custody. The local police collared the hitman on suspicion of espionage, as he was allegedly involved in the shooting at Abulvahid Edilgeriev, the administrator of Kavkaz-Center website and a relative of Movladi Udugov, the Wahhabis leader in Chechnya.

As soon as the Russian operatives found out of the arrest, they sent requests for legal assistance to Turkey, but the latter refused to cooperate. Once the relationship between our countries began to thaw, Turkish authorities passed Validol’s file to Moscow. Now there is a chance that the hitman will still be extradited to Russia.

As the CrimeRussia reported previously, Valid Lurahmaev was a hitman in a gang selling top positions in government structures and state-owned companies. In most cases, the gang would kill the buyer once they got the money. Vladimir Sharaev, senior investigator for particularly important cases, told Izvestia that the gang was created in 2004 by Ahmad Hamidov and tax policeman Mikhail Koryak. The gang is responsible for quite a number of high-profile murders and murder attempts. According to investigators, in 2010, Validol organized the shooting of the Saratovstroysteklo owner Mikhail Lanin and his wife in the French city of Villepinte; then in the same year, in Kiev he arranged a murder attempt on Tatiana Balzamova, an entrepreneur; in 2011 he masterminded the murder of businessman Maksim Ozirny in Turkey. Some of the gang members have already been punished for their actions; among them is Sultan Sigauri, responsible for some of the murders. 12 more people are wanted, including Mikhail Koryak and Ahmad Hamidov, the gang leaders.



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