Russia opens Museum of Organized Crime  

Russia opens Museum of Organized Crime

Many people know what the Kazan Phenomenon, Hadi Taktash and Teplokontrol are. The Kazan museum is meant to become a "historical account of the time when people were living in fear”. ⁠

A museum dedicated to a criminal gang and its story is to open in Kazan’s Novaya Tatarskaya settlement. The initiative came from members of Chas Slobody conference, which took place at Kazan Cultural Center.

According to the Tatar-Inform, the museum will be dedicated to an organized criminal group that used to operate in the area, and its activities.

According to Radif Kashapov, the deputy chairperson of the World Forum of Tatar Youth (the WFTY), it was proposed to open the museum as a part of Novaya Tatarskaya Revival Project, supported by the Center for Applied Urban Studies and the WFTY.


Hadi Taktash in the coutroom

Kashapov is certain that people want to know more about the history of organized crime, and in particular of the Kazan Phenomenon (the term appeared in the media and law books between ‘70s and ‘80s referring to a number of young Tatar gangs, the most prominent of which were Hadi Taktash and Teplokontrol).

Although the gang experience is a negative one, everyone can relate to it, said the WFTY enthusiast. The idea is confirmed by the speed at which the book titled Criminal Tatarstan is selling.


"Hadi Taktash, the whole city belongs to us" (rhymed)

"The Ministry of Internal Affairs has some files, there are books written by researchers of the subject. People’s lives were changed dramatically at that time," said Radif Kashapov. He also emphasized that some of the former gang leaders today have completely different lives.

The Deputy Chairperson also said that the idea should not be regarded as some kind of celebration of the phenomenon. According to the initiators, the place is a historical account of the time when people were living in fear.



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