Russia alone is interested in Aslan Gagiev

Russia alone is interested in Aslan Gagiev

Bulgaria unexpectedly abandoned its request for Aslan Gagiev’s extradition. Now, it is Russia alone who claims to extradite the bloody killer charged with more than 60 murders.

There is another, quite curious turnaround in the case on Aslan Gagiev who is accused of organizing a criminal gang and committing tens of contract murders. 

As it turned out on June 7th, Bulgaria retracted Aslan Gagiev’s arrest warrant - unexpectedly, in the same way it had been issued. Gagiev was detained in Vienna in 2015. Under the court decision, the organizer of a criminal gang had to be extradited to Russia in the first half of 2016. However, the case hit a snag - the Bulgarian authorities upset the apple cart and sent an extradition request for Gagiev who goes by the nickname Jako. In January, 2016, Vienna Landesgericht (Land Court) - out of a sudden - reversed the judgement that had been made by the court of original jurisdiction to extradite Gagiev to Russia where he could have been ascribed at least 60 murders. Instead, it was resolved in the favor of Bulgaria that had sent an extradition request for Gagiev due to the much milder crime - carrying fake Bulgarian passport. The key reason for this kind of court decision was that Russia allegedly fails to perform the obligations to Austria as to the extradition of another Russian murderer - Anatoly Radchenko who goes by the nickname of Celentano. 

As previously reported by the CrimeRussia with reference to informed sources, Bulgarian interference is nothing else but an attempt to alter the situation on the part of the Bloody Jako’s Russian patrons. 

According to the Vienna Criminal Land Court, the case on the crime lord’s extradition is closed with no reason given. Aslan Gagiev is released on bail out of the predetention centre. Now, it is Russia alone who claims to extradite the criminal gang’s organizer. The decision on the murderer’s extradition to Russia will be issued by the second instance court that previously claimed that Russia lacked effective safeguards to ensure that Gagiev’s human rights are taken into account, despite the fact that the necessary information had been provided by RF Procurator General. 

Meanwhile, Gagiev is very much anticipated in his native country, and Russia has got more than enough reasons to press for his extradition. According to the investigators, the Bloody Jako’s gang initially operated in North Ossetia, and then in Odintsovo, a town in the Moscow Oblast. Law-enforcement authorities tend to believe that Aslan Gagiev has his hand in more than 60 murders (of government officials, businessmen, law-enforcement officers and members of rival armed gangs). One of the gang’s victims was Vitaly Karaev, the mayor of the North Ossetian capital, Vladikavkaz. It was not until this high profile killing when the Investigative Committee, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Federal Security Service members joined the case. 

The CrimeRussia previously did the extensive investigation into the activities of Aslan Gagiev’s gang. The series of articles on the gang’s activity included the criminal case files - unpublished before - that exposed the names of the members of the organized crime network, as well as the gang’s structure; crimes Gagiev and his assistants were charged with were also described in the files. The remarkable thing is that the gang’s members, who had already been sentenced to lengthy terms of imprisonment, confessed during the trials they were hired as killers and indicated Aslan Gagiev as a boss. 



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