Rostov’s crime group fooled Moscow pensioners by 50 million rubles

Rostov’s crime group fooled Moscow pensioners by 50 million rubles
Detention of the organized criminal grouping

In Rostov-on-Don ethnic organized crime group was detained, who stole 50 million rubles from Moscow pensioners

According to the General Administration of the Russian MIA in Moscow, on 23th of June more than 20 members of ethnic criminal grouping were detained in Rostov-on-Don. Members of the gang presented themselves as social workers and stole money from pensioners. The total damage amounted to 50 mln rubles.

As the official representative, Irina Volk, said the police have identified 200 victims who have suffered from the actions of fraudsters.

Investigative authorities found out that the gang's members called Moscow pensioners and introduced themselves as social workers and stated that the victims are participants of the program Children of War. Meaning that they are going to receive a ticket to the resort and a special payment. After that pensioners were asked to voice the number and a code to their ATM cards, promising to transfer funds, which they deserve according to the program. After receiving requested information, they withdrew money from the card. Their actions affected at least 200 elderly people in Moscow, resulting in total loss of 50 mln rubles.

The police also added that the arrest of the gang happened on June 23th during a joint operation by the police, the Federal Security Service (FSB) and the SWAT team. The law enforcers seized 45 cell phones, 18 tablets and 200 SIM cards, which were used to commit crimes. Moreover, the gang had databases of citizens of Moscow and Moscow Region, scripts of phones conversations and 53 bank cards, which were issued on figureheads.    

Those detained are prosecuted under art. 159 "Fraud" of the Russian Criminal Code. For the investigative procedures they were transferred to Moscow.

At the moment the investigation carries out a complex of measures, which aim to identify other possible crimes of members of this group.



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