Relatives of Tsapok's gang victims require 6.4 billion rubles from its members

Relatives of Tsapok's gang victims require 6.4 billion rubles from its members
The leader of the gang Sergey Tsapok (died in prison in July 2014)

The applications of the seven victims were directed to the court.

The Kushchevsky Court of the Krasnodar region received two applications from seven of the victims in the case of the Tsapok's gang. They asked to compensate the non-pecuniary damage in the amount of 6.4 billion rubles, RBC reports.

The lawsuits are filed in connection with the criminal case about the BMW car shooting of Rostov businessman Sergey Begidzhanov on June 28, 2010. The attack took place on the orders of the leader of the gang Sergey Tsapok (died in prison in July 2014). As a result, Yuri Erganov and Valery Sarukhanyan were killed. The main target of the criminals – Sergey Begidjanov – miraculously survived.

On this episode in April 2012, the gang members Vyacheslav Ryabtsev, Nikolay Tsapok (Uncle of the OCG leader), Vladimir Alekseev nicknamed Bespredel (Lawlessness) and Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz, who, as stated in the verdict, “financially encouraged” the attackers after the assassination, were found guilty and convicted.

The first lawsuit was filed by Yuri Erganov’s relatives: Ferez and Mariya Erganovs, Sophia Alaverdiyan and Anastasia Kaminskaya. The relatives of the murdered person require from Tsapok, Alekseev and Tsepovyaz a compensation in amount of 200 million rubles from each. The total amount of the requirements within this case is 2.4 billion rubles.

"Fear for their lives and the lives of their loved ones did not allow them for many years to go to court for a fair compensation for the suffering the Erganovs family experienced and still experiences due to the fault of the defendants", says the statement, which was only filed now, after three years after the trial of the Tsapoks.

The second lawsuit was filed by the relatives of Valery Sarukhanyan – Valery, Yuri and Artush Sarukhanyans, as well as Harry and Julietta Begidzhanovs. They intend to recover in a similar way from Tsepovyaz, Alekseev, Tsapok and Riabtsev a total of 4 billion rubles.

"The fact that for the people of such ancient nation, as the Armenians, the loss of a loved one is a great tragedy needs no proof. And for them, it does not matter whether the relative was distant or completely native", says the statement of Sarukhanyan’s relatives.

Meanwhile, the court decided to freeze the defendants’ assets, including the firm Slava Kubani (Glory Kuban) owned by Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz’s wife Natalia. As Tsepovyaz’s lawyer Eduard Churguliya reminded, the claims of close relatives have already been considered regarding to this episode. As a result, from the defendants, the money in the amount from 500 thousand to 900 thousand rubles was collected.

It is to be recalled that on 5 November 2010, the Tsapok's gang, named after Sergey Tsapok, its leader, committed a massacre in the village of Kushchevskaya: 12 people, among them four children, were killed. The investigation revealed numerous violations in the work of Kuschevka’s law enforcement and revealed a number of serious crimes of past years, committed by the members of the gang. The defendants in the case were sentenced to various terms of imprisonment, and Tsapok himself was convicted for life in 2013 and died a year later in the Krasnodar predetention center by the blockage of the pulmonary artery due to detachment of the thrombus.

It is to be noted that the first complaints from the victims’ relatives for a total amount of 1.4 billion were sent to the court in March 2015. In September 2015, three sentenced members of the gang were ordered to pay 250 million rubles to the seven residents of the village of Kushchevskaya, whose relatives were killed by the members of the organized crime group.



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